Did Tom Just Get Saved On Big Brother Canada?

This week’s nominees are officially Tom and Liza now that neither won the Veto nor managed to convince Alec to save their Big Brother Canada lives. Instead, one of those two HGs will be walking out the door on Thursday night. While I thought we were solidly looking at a Tom eviction, that may have all changed according to talks on the Feeds. Read on for those spoilers or steer clear until Thursday’s eviction show.

Tom Plant on Big Brother CanadaThere will be nine HGs voting on Thursday night which means it takes only five votes to stay or five votes to be evicted, depending on how you want to look at it. After Tom’s recent horrible behavior, mainly pulling open the shower door on Alec, I thought he’d be a lock for eviction and keep Liza safely in the game. Not so fast.

According to discussions on the Feeds Tom may skate around this next elimination by the skin of his teeth. AJ and Andrew held a quick vote check in private and confirmed they’d both vote to keep Tom and expected Talla, Jillian, and Emmett to do the same. That’s cutting it as close as can be to stay alive on Big Brother Canada this week, but he may have just done it.

That means Alec, Topaz, Suzette, and Peter would be voting to keep Liza. No surprise there for Peter. Suzette was middle ground considering her vocal hate for Tom but then that’s offset by her pleas for forgiveness. Alec and Topaz are now no-brainers considering Tom’s ridiculous move in the bathroom. If things do flip again and Tom is evicted by a vote or two then I think he can safely blame that childish outburst.

What do you think will happen on Thurday’s Big Brother Canada show? Will it be Liza or Tom who heads out the door first? Don’t forget, but there’s a double eviction show as well which means there’s a chance both of them leave this week.


  1. totally unrelated, I was laughing so hard at Andrew who was on fire tonight! ” what would you do if I killed you?” had me crying ! Best line of the show so far !!

  2. If you would like to hire me as a proof reader for your posts & articles, I’m available. It should be “…Tom and Liza KNOW that…”. If you want to be taken seriously, get with it!

  3. I cant wait to see what happens, i am going to be snuggled up with a big bowl of popcorn and chocolate milk tonight to watch it………… Its going to be good i cant wait… lol

  4. I hope both go home but mainly Tom, he is kinda a d-bag very childish and revengeful that is used to always get his way by being intimidating, and someone who expects people put him first always, and Liza just seems so fake I don’t believe a single word our of her mouth or her fake tears when she was talking about Tom last night ….

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