Big Brother Canada: Week 6 Eviction Prediction

Big Brother Canada - Topaz

Tonight on Big Brother Canada another HG will be evicted when the votes are placed and Arisa Cox reveals the results. While we’re still hours away from the official news, it seems pretty obvious at this point who will be evicted next.

Gary and Topaz remain on the block after the latest Veto ceremony left Andrew’s nominations untouched. One of these two will be going home and right now it looks like that will be Gary.

Gary has been Andrew’s target all week and that’s a smart plan. He’s a strong competitor and a crowd favorite which could work out for him later if there are more audience voting events. We saw what happened when Tom backed down from his “evict Gary” plan and Andrew isn’t going to make that same mistake.

While there is some hesitation in the house over who to choose I don’t believe there’s much of a chance enough HGs will change direction to send Topaz on to the Jury House.

It’s incredible to think how Topaz went from being protected by one of the strongest alliances in the house to becoming its target. Latching on to Gary’s quickly sinking ship was a terrible choice and it could easily spell her demise next week if she doesn’t win Head of Household on tonight’s Big Brother Canada.

Who do you think will be evicted during tonight’s show on Slice at 10PM ET/PT?


  1. Was kinda hoping a twist would come up to save both but I know too many twists can be too much to handle especially coming from a game show in its first season.

    But if ever Topaz or Gary stays on, I do hope one of them win HOH. Andrew is also becoming quite the favorite of mine, at least he is starting to play the game.

    • And yeah. If Topaz stays, I just hope she makes a rebound.

      I sure hope neither Alec nor Peter wins this game.

  2. You can blame PRODUCTIONS dumb ass twist for ruining Topazes game. They might as well of said ” Topaz we don’t want you to win.” That wasn’t a twist it was a death sentence.

    • production this, production that,,,,,, well, realistically Topaz is at fault for running her mouth out loud in a game where every room is filled with cameras and microphones… Arissa only asked that she pick two nominees for the block, NOT to pretend it was another diary session and talk talk talk… YOU CANNOT BLAME PRODUCTION FOR THIS ONE SWEETY>>>> but you can blame them for other things (the fake vote to save suzette for one)

      • They ALL talk to themselves out loud. Even when one of them is in the room alone. You know why? Because people are watching them SWEETY. Production knows that better than anyone. And apparently you. So…I BLAME PRODUCTION FOR THAT.

  3. i was hoping for a twist that would send both Gary and Topaz packing, but i guess 1 out of 2 will have to do. i just wish it was Topaz, girl is as fake as her name, i think i’ll start calling her Cubic Zirconia, more fitting for such a fake person

  4. Gary is definitely going home.Topaz has yet to really blow up on Alec like she did with Tom/Liza and later with Tala, and I think he is due. The rest of the house has sufficient information to really throw him under the bus with Topaz if they wanted to.
    Doesn’t really matter though, she is not going to jury next week either, it will be big targets up next week, my preference, Alec and Peter.

  5. I think Peter or alic will take the game but I want Gerry to win but I think he is going home tonight so I want……………Andrew to win

  6. I voted to keep Suzette just to ruin Tom’a game and I was never more happy to see his bubble burst. The way he was acting u would think he was sending “a real threat” home not a Mom who can’t win anything or didn’t really have any game play. I have to wonder how many more people voted that way for the same reason.

  7. If Gary goes home my friends and I will not be watching anymore Gary is what is making this work and he is a great player

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