Big Brother Canada Week 5: Nominations Episode 12 Tonight

Big Brother Canada & host Arisa Cox

Big Brother Canada is back tonight and holds some extra surprises than the typical Sunday nominations show.

Last Thursday the double eviction fun ended leaving Andrew, the outgoing HoH, without a successor which meant the audience didn’t know who would be making the next round of cuts. Thanks to the Feeds we were able to solve that mystery and even a few more.

Tonight’s show will reveal what happened in the HoH competition along with who was put up on the block. If you can’t wait that long then we’ve got all those spoilers here.

Only a third of the original HGs have been evicted so for in the BBCAN house which leaves a lot of action left in the chamber for this season. Will your favorite survive to take home the title of first Canada winner?

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  1. This seems to be a good thread to have some fun so join in. The game is called which alliance is real. It’s a fun guessing game. Lets start with the easiest.
    1) Andrew, AJ and Talla. Ok I admit this is less of an alliance and more a “friends with benifits”(NOT those benifits!!) hehehe Andrew maybe the 2nd or 3rd tier of other alliances but this is his core, AJ and Lala have no other options. After Suzette goes the apparent next house target is Talla. Weak on challenges these 3 getting to the final is virtually impossible.
    2) Gary, Topaz and Suzette. So Suzette is a convienience that is leaving Thursday baring production interfering. So Topaz and Gary. I think this is Topaz’s prefered alliance and not Quatro(Alec) plus Topaz. Though I believe the feeds showing Emmit and Gary in a secret alliance Gary will not honour this til the end. He decides Emmits game is to strong and backdoors him.
    3) See #2. Emmit is to strong for Gary to take to the end.
    4)Quatro. Well they already backstabbed Tom much of it his own doing. I think these 3 are in the weakest position of anyone. Yup even Andrew and Aj are better positioned. Sounds crazy but think of it this way. Emmit believes in the Gary alliance so he’s protecting Gary who will turn on him. Alec has Topaz who along with Gary will send Alec packing. Though I think this has a 25% chance to get all 3 to the final 3 if they backdoor Emmit. Alec is the odd guy out and Peter is simply dilusional thinking he’s Dan jr. Alec will choose Peter over Emmit and Topaz chooses Gary over Alec. It’s going to be a train wreck for Alec and Peter.
    Jillian just floating on Emmit! Do nothing player who I think is tanking. She won’t wake up til it’s to late for her.Some think Peter is playing a great game. I couldn’t agree less. Other than Alec what other options has he developed. The Answer is none! He spends more time sitting on the couch than anyone in the house saying virtually nothing. His game sucks and he cannot influences anyone but Alec. The Shield just plain sucks!! Please not the feeds lately. Alec is spending more time with Emmit and Andrew. These guys can further him in the game. He also spends time with Gary and Topaz. These 2 can also further alec in the game. Peter is becoming invisible for all the wrong reasons

    • I think Gary shud get in an alliance with Andrew talla and Aj But I think Aj sides with the house too much which will get him kicked out. I think Jillian will make it to the end cuz she doesn’t seem to be much of a target anymore, and ppl will go after the men first. They will kick Gary out next and then try for emmitt. Alec plays safe, ppl say he’s wimpy player, but if it gets you $100k then I would play it safe as well and try not to make enemies. I do find it very annoying that he gave Hoh to Andrew. Nobody sees Peter, Aj or talla as a threat cuz they don’t win, but their doing it intentionally which I’m not sure why the house hasn’t caught onto that yet.
      I think emmitt will save any guy before Jillian. And topaz and Alec I think are out to save each other. Peter will only save Alec and no one else. Gary wud be smart to save anyone if he won POV cuz he needs as many ppl and favours as he can get lol. He really has no one on his side when Suzette leaves cuz topaz I think will choose Alec.

  2. I think Alec going to have a hug target on his back next week is in good with to many people and now he just won hoh. I really hope someone else non quatro Jill and topaz win next week to make it interesting.

    • Topaz would be crazy interesting. She’d have Gary in 1 ear and Alex in another. Sad thing is she cannot stay awake long enough. How can a dental higentice(sorry on the spelling) have a sleep all day time clock. We have all night dentistry all of a sudden? If she won likely Lala and AJ. Unless Gary is HOH no big moves for a couple weeks. Andrew could shake up the house as he wouldn’t nominate AJ as a pawn. So LALA and who else on the block?

      • But Gary and Alec are in a secret alliance together so they prob both agree on the same nominations. It’s going to get interesting because everyone in like one big house alliance right now and their gonna have to get each other out eventually

        • Update for you. Alec and Peter are Targeting Topaz and Gary as noms next HOH. Gary getting evicted 1st. The showmance blew up when topaz feel asleep in HOH room wearing the ipod and production took it away. Topaz never made a real apology to Alec who has had enough of her. Nither Peter nor alec want to do the dirty work themselves mind you.
          I don’t think the house is one big happy family but it has that appearance because the evictions are almost unanimous. If both Gary and Topaz go out before Talla the Game becomes Stoogies versus Quatro plus Jillian. I sure wouldn’t like to be the stoogies. The problem for the stoogies is Gary wants Andrew gone. Hard for the stoogies to switch 3 votes to save Gary next week if he’s a nom. Gary goes on the block it’s win POV or go to the JH if he’s a nom.

  3. They mentioned something about a ‘shocking twist’ next week? I wonder if they’ll bring Tom back. That would just be crazy!

    • What! Yeah I agree he talks fast lol but boring he is like the only one talking strategy in the diary room! I’d say he te most interesting because he playing the game probably the best right now to.

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