Big Brother Canada: Week 4 Double Eviction Show Tonight

Big Brother Canada & host Arisa Cox

Tonight’s action on Big Brother Canada should be wild as we’re anticipating the best BBCAN Double Eviction ever! (Yes, that’s a joke.) Here’s what we’re expecting to happen.

The first “live” vote will be held up front in the episode and either Tom or Liza will be evicted. This is going to be very close and possibly hinge on just one vote. After that the HGs will compete in a quick HoH competition to crown a new Head of Household. It won’t end there though.

The new HoH will be forced to make a pair of rapid nominations before heading back out to the yard for another Veto competition. If the Veto is then used at the ceremony we’ll get yet another nomination during tonight’s Big Brother Canada. The new HoH could make three fast enemies in one hour!

Coming out of the Veto ceremony we’ll have the official nominees for the night and another round of votes before host Arisa Cox announces the second evictee of the evening.

Think you can finally rest after that? Nope! All the HGs will then race back outside (I keep imagining the “Clue” movie with all this running back and forth.) to start up what will likely be another endurance HoH competition. If that’s the case then we can watch it play out on the Feeds if it’s not over by the time the show is over considering there’s roughly a two-hour delay between taping of the “live” Thursday shows and when they air.

Phew! That’s a lot of action for tonight’s show. Are you ready?


  1. I want liza gone… seriously… and she take the toaster with her! Llooll but karma is a bitch and i hope the second person is peter, gary or alec!

  2. If Tom stays than all hell is going to break lose, if he goes than Liza follows immediately. Would actually be smart to send Liza packing first cause Tom does not trust anyone and has already betrayed his Quatro alliance. Basically he can be picked off and really has no where to go.

    This is assuming he has Emmett, Jillian, AJ, Andrew, and either Talla or Sue vote Tom to stay.

  3. Peter is pretty good–but he has overplayed the ‘wise-quiet man’ card. I am glad it wasn’t another week of listening to the lying Suzette tho!

  4. I think Tom has blown it for himself with the house and Liza(too much trying to sell himself to her) I think in real life he is insecure and a very jealous boyfriend. And ya I am sick of Gary too!

  5. Hopefully it’s Tom then Gary/Topaz (either would be fine with me). And does anyone know where I can watch a live stream of this episode online on my ipad? I live in the US and I definitely don’t want to wait until tomorrow to watch!!

  6. Liza is so phony not only with house guest but I’m feeling with her self-image too! Tom is young so one can see why the Liza thing is too appealing ,too easy!! His ego and actions regarding Alec on the other hand don’t flatter a young man. He wasn’t sorry ,he just realized that he’d just signed his own ticket out of the house. Easy Canada regarding Gary, he is rather flamboyant however, he’s clear about his intentions and has taken alot of heat regarding his life. I think he’s a star and makes me lmao. He’d best keep his eyes out cause he’s a threat to the others…

    • My thoughts EXACTLY! Maybe i have a bad memory but the only thing tom is guilty of is letting his ego get the best of him! The other houseguests were the ones who lied and backstabbed him…the house is looking EXTREMELY fake and its ironic that they have become exactly what they hated…its like going back to highschool with this cast lol…oh and the only reason it was exciting was because of toms unpredicatble and impulsive nature, he was the polarizing figure…with him gone it is pretty much going to be boring as hell…..why should i tune in?…to see andrew and aj, LOL

  7. Bring Tom and Liza back–do not bring Gary–if gary comes back everyone should just quit and say give gary the $ as its fixed!

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