Big Brother Canada Spoilers: Who Won HoH Last Night? 4/8/2015

Can’t wait until Sunday to find out who won Head of Household last night on Big Brother Canada 3? We’ve got your spoiler results right here thanks to the Live Feeds revealing all the details.

Arisa Cox in the Big Brother Canada 3 house
Arisa Cox in the Big Brother Canada 3 house – Source: Global

We just watched as Bruno’s close ally Graig was evicted from the house and the remaining Houseguests lined up to compete in the Downey Downer HoH competition where they had to find letters in a giant washer and spell out a catchphrase.

So who won HoH? Read on for your Big Brother Canada 3 spoilers

Bruno Ielo is the new Head of Household. Congrats to Bruno.

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Other Houseguests are saying that Godfrey and Bobby gave their letters to Bruno to help him win. We’ll have to see what all happened on Sunday’s episode.

Bruno will have to make nominations in the next day or two but don’t forget about this twist with the Power of Veto that could make things very tricky as he’d have to make two renoms if viewers vote to give a Double Veto power to the house.

If you were the new BBCAN3 HoH, who would you want up on the nomination block?


  1. Glad he won, I want to see both sides go after each other for a few weeks. This season is so far lacking in drama.

  2. It’s a bitter sweet win for me… He’ll probably go after Sarah and Brittney. If we choose the double veto twist, the new noms would most likely be Johnny & Kevin… I know I’m probably the only one but the four houseguests I just mentionned are my favorites… However, his best buddy just got evicted so Im happy for the guy.

    • Yeah, Bruno will be lucky either way if Canada chose to vote for the double veto.

      I don’t think Canada dislikes him the same way Graig was.

      • I don’t know what is up with the producers, but they are ruining the game in my opinon!! First Naeha is evicted because of that stupid instant eviction, then Bruno sits pretty while my personal favorites will probably ALL go on the block during is reign as HOH. So unfair.

        • Let’s look at it this way: Even without the twist, Bruno will be able to take someone out from the other side anyway, with or without the Veto. There’s so many to choose from.

          And it’ only unfair if we don’t like the guy but it would be the opposite if we do.

          Kinda like when Allison found a hidden veto in the house. And this is only because she had a good eye seeing the clue that was tucked inside a piece of house decor.

  3. This season I don’t really care who goes on the block because they are all the same type of bunch.

  4. First season watching Canada cause US is still far away. Really seems like the really smart people are gonna cakewalk to the end (Zach, JP etc). The Chop shop and hexagon need to compare notes before it is too late.

    • JP is not winning this dude. He’s slowly getting under the skin of his own alias. Plus telling Zack not to get too close with Ashley but then flirting with other women in the house? His hormones will cost him.

    • True. Newport are in too many alliances that eventually, they will get found out.

      And the fact that JP has let it known to the house his being an Ian Terry-type super-duper fan (although Ian wasn’t that annoying) has already made him a target that has to be taken care of soon.

  5. Honestly I find Jordan to be a very creepy and annoying individual.

    The more I watch him and hear him the more I want him off the television. He soon will get under the skin of house guest and then his ego that he is the best mind in the house will take him out of the game.

  6. I think Bruno’s HOH will be rescinded. It was for the cowboy a couple of years ago……the player Nova Scotia. Actually he did it twice.

  7. The show is fake. The head of household winner, the veto winner and the reward challenges are all predetermined. The team behind production base everything on a popularity contest and keep the house guests that give them the most ratings. I’m sorry but the truth hurts and if you think this show is real you are sadly mistaken.

    • The show is not entirely faked. Think of BB16; the comps were planned for certain players to win (Donny), Production wants to have some say in what goes on in the house. The point is to make money after all

    • Production does have its favorites and does try to influence the game to ensure that the favorites last long by throwing in twists that help these favorites but I think you are taking it too far by saying that the show is 100% fake with the winners for all the challenges predetermined. Where is your evidence? Quick jumping to ridiculous conclusions and conspiracy theories like these without any solid evidence. Some HOH comps are done live. If the contest is predetermined like you claim to be, what if the HGs mess up and someone who wasn’t suppose to win accidentally end up winning that live comp? Then what?

    • Oh and by the way, on last year’s BB US season, 1 houseguest Donny, had a HUGE fan base that production was well aware of. If the game was rigged to the extent that you claimed to be, production would have manipulated the game for Donny to win but Donny did not win.

  8. It is also scripted and they tell the house guests or hamsters as they like to call them what to do and who to vote for. The advertisements promoted the sponsors is over board as well of you ask me. On a side note I have some advice for the production team and casting team, hire a better cast that prehaps can act so the competitions don’t look rigged for the predetermined winner/winners.

  9. Sorry my spelling and grammar is a bit off. I’m tired and didn’t spell check my comments. Big Brother Canada will no longer exist if it continues to be another bad show on television. I am very disappointed and I hope someone high up in the production team reads my comments.

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