Big Brother Canada Spoilers: Week 9 Veto Competition Results

Big Brother Canada

The Big Brother Canada Feeds are back and that means we have the Power of Veto competition spoiler results.

This week’s Veto competition included the two noms, Head of Household, and two extra HGs. There wasn’t even enough HGs left to hit six players like we’ve seen all season. We’re that close to the end now.

Today’s Veto comp was critical, as always, but especially so considering the implications of who the HoH would have to renom if a certain player one and made a very big move.

Big Brother Canada Spoilers: Week 9 Veto Competition Results:

Gary won the Veto in this week’s competition.

When the Feeds came back we found Andrew with a mohawk and Gary in a prison outfit. The competition was called “The Price of Veto” and seems to have been a challenge to accept punishments in return for winning the Veto.

Andrew & Gary on Big Brother Canada

So yes, Gary will use the Veto at the ceremony and Emmett will put up Talla. Now we’ll have to wait and see if Andrew or Talla will be evicted next.

This also means the special scenario where Jillian could have been Emmett’s only renom option won’t be happening. That would have been a crazy few days if they pulled off a Talla win.

Are you happy that Gary won the Veto? Who do you hope is evicted?


  1. I am no longer watching the show. As of the moment Gary returned to the house. I do not think it is fair to bring a player back this late in the game (not to mention one so annoying). Gary had his time to play the game and was evicted. With the exception of Talla the ones remaining faught hard to be there and Gary gets a Free Pass….Dumb move Big Brother..You have lost the 5 viewers that watch it at my place every week.

    • I totally get how you feel. I am just too invested in the show at this point to quit watching but I’m sure it’s not helping my blood pressure any!

    • Oh please, you’re just mad they brought someone back you don’t like. If they had brought someone back you wanted you would have been fine with it. They’ve done this in the US version and probably others what’s the difference, it makes it more fun as it gets boring week after week with the same thing, Jillian promising something “150%” and then going back on it. I bet you thought it was fair when Jillian promised Topaz she nor Alec would go on the block and then did it anyway, it’s just part of the game right! Well so is this! The houseguests were told Gary was out 150% and then BB went back on it. How does it feel Jillian?

      • Production inventing this twist to bring Gary back , or whomever, is unfair because they may or may not have done this if they already had their favorite players still in the house… not having a set of rules laid out before the game starts smacks of fraud bordering on illegality… if the season’s twists and other big brother interference was in a sealed document prior to the start of the season, i’m sure it would make the show more fair, but the way it is now, we have no way to know if they are changing things up to specifically assist the players that they have chosen as favorites.

        • I don’t think Big Brother is cheating but definitely think if this was going to be part of the show it should have been done a lot earlier with more people still in the house! This part of the game is so crucial and to just put him back in now is not fair to the others in any way I hate it not matter who got put back in favourite house guest or not, not at this point in the game. Bad move Big Brother …

        • Bordering on illegality?? Hahahahahaha!!!! That is one of the funniest things I’ve heard in a long time. The rules in a sealed document? Come on! This is a game!! A game! That every single person inside signed up for. They all know the rules, and the name of the game which again, is “expect the unexpected” of course production throws twists in when things are getting lame! They set the rules, and change them when they see fit. When people are getting bored with the lameness, and stop watching, they need to change it up to get people watching again. It’s how the show’s been done in the states for 14 years. It’s how they have kept people watching for that long. If you really think its that unfair, you should find a new show to watch, because without the twists, there would be no viewers, no game, and no big brother Canada next year.

      • I like Gary and loved when Jill made that move but I think it’s stupid not only for the remaining houseguests but also for Gary himself. There is a huge difference compared to the other shows where they brought back people. On the past seasons they bring someone back before jury! The early people who were evicted. Because if you come back back at that time and you actually make the finals you actually have a chance at winning. Who on earth would vote for Gary his big jury spill would be ohh got evicted coasted for the next 3 weeks in jury house learned what everyone said then got brought back to final 5. And then it’s stupid for the remaining houseguests they def screwed Andrew game.

        • I agree. While all the jury members were in the house with Gary and they have no outside knowledge of the game, they would have been free to share info in the jury house that they would never have shared in the BB House. This gives Gary a huge advantage in terms of knowledge of other players’ strategy. At the same time, I agree that he would be unlikely to win because of that, but coming back with that extra knowledge gives him the ability to hugely influence the game. I haven’t seen the veto comp, but I really have to wonder if Andrew would have won if Gary hadn’t competed. I strongly suspect that they win evict Andrew and keep Talla, because she is easy to beat in a Final 2.

    • No longer watching … but clearly invested enough that you are checking out the spoilers. I bet you watch tonight’s episode. If you were really done, you’d be done and won’t bother posting comments on a fan site.

    • LOL and you still find time to post on here. If you don’t like ti don’t watch. don’t post. buh bye!

    • All I have to say to everyone who is upset that BB brought back another player is.. “Expect the Unexpected”.. isn’t that how Big Brother works? Get over it.

  2. Aww…Would have like to see Andrew or, by some miracle, Talla, win the Veto this week. I’m hoping Andrew survives this week.

    • This show is like buying a weekly lottery ticket and you keep hoping and praying there is going to be a big change…..then it turns into a big fat nothing. Talla will go up, Andrew is out the door because he can actually win stuff. Andrew deserves to be there over Talla and Gary(who has been back all of 5 minutes) The only thing we can hope for now is that Gary kicks some a$$ and wins the next HOH!

  3. I hope Gary wins HOH next week and either Emmett or Jillian are evicted! Next week will be a double eviction week for sure so there are 3 people for the finale.


  4. I absolutely love Dan, now this is entertainment. Good decision big brother Canada! Bring some more Americans on the show, love it!

    • I absolutely HATE Dan, he’s a big liar who actually swore on the bible to back up his lies. As a player, he is an idiot who thought you could backstab and lie and still get votes ~ NOT

      • Okay for the one billion time watch the episode were he said that he swore that all the information he was telling was correct!!!! How is he an idiot? He is the best player who has ever won played the game. He the only player to never get evicted, never even had a vote casted against him in two seasons to even be evicted, won the most money off big brother. And the only reason he didn’t win last season was because he won the game before and people wanted someone else to win. Jury members said that in there after game interview. And if you watched any other seasons of big brother there has been many people who backstab lied and won the game.

        • Dan is a non-player who was ushered into the game through a twist like gary, (coach to player)… what a joke, the coaches had a huge advantage of inside knowlegde of talking to the real HG’s prior to this twist. the hg’s would never have revealed strategy to them if they had known they were going to enter the game… that was the second most phucked up BB season due to production interference (BBcanada is now #1 for unfair production tweaking). oh yeah, I found dan absolutely annoying to watch , Frank was by far the best most deserving player.

          • Did you not watch the show? Boogie and Janelle was evicted by their own team who they shared with information. Dan entire team was evicted in the first week. What I formation are you talking about!? Seriously just cause you say oh Dan sucks or Frank most deserving player without backing any of it up doesn’t mean its right. What Frank talking down to people and telling the other house guest he deserves this the most then being force to win every competition just to stat in the house??? That doesn’t sound like good strategy or most deserving. I think the guy who literally was the reason for sending all the houseguests to jury aka Dan is the most deserving! He sent all of them out the door in body bags! You can’t argue that!

          • any coach should have been evicted first, that season was a farce… why allow non-players (coaches ) to enter the game at all… it was ludicrous.

  5. Big brother you should have Peter get a few free consultant for his head….not jooking…I felt so sorry for him, The morning of the day of his eviction he was talking to Julian in the bedroom telling her everyone is saying that they are looking forward to go back home and he said that for him the big brother house was is home for him, The outside world wasnt his home. Julian kindly replied I will your friend out of here if you wante to. Peter, replied if someone would offer me to go back in a house of 14 people without any prize at the end I would go back immediately in because for me it feels like home this fabricated home, world….Also, didnt want nobody to stand up when he would leave….and what he said when he left was so weard…..he has serious issues….he thinks he his very smart….but he has reality issues with real life….not knowing nothing about real love I suppose….Help him if you can…buy questionning him…to see what is wrong with him….it is a real pitty….Please help the guy because if you cant see it, we all can that he truly needs help, even if he says he is only playing a game, wicth is a lie. HE IS NOT THE MOST STRAGEGIC PLAYER OF B.B.CANADA, HE LIVES IN A NON REALITY LIFE AND FEELS THAT BIG BROTHER HOUSE IS LIKE A REAL HOME FOR HIM …?????? COME ON …LISTENT BACK ON THE TAPE OF THAT DAY ….All his life being laught at, all call crazy…..feel truly sorry for him..please help now…

  6. I hate that Gary was voted out fairly and the others have worked so hard to be where they are except Tala and Gary could potentially win. I think that is completely unfair! Gary should have had to win in a competition against evicted house guest Peter in a mind challenge not a physical one to return not just on votes. Now Andrew is going to be evicted and he would have been in the final 3. Big Brother US had the peoples vote to go back in the house have to win a competition. The vote just allowed them to compete to return not automatically return them.

    • and never would bring a player back from the jury house way to late and they have more of the jury on their side because they did not have a hand in voting them out! so unfair

  7. Looking forward to see Gary leave once again the house, even do their is twist in BB him coming back at this point of the game makes no senses and is unfair to the others players working hard to stay in the game. Because Gary won the veto and Andrew and Talla is on the bloq well I hope that they will keep Andrew and evict Talla that will bot be as loyal as she said she would be. Andrew would be more faithful and Julian and Andrew together has better chance to win the next HOH to be able to evict Garry after hoping he doesnt win another Veto….dont want Garry in the final 3, he doesnt deserve to be back anyway

  8. I am so mad it is not wright what BIG BROTHER CANADA did Gary should knot be there.If this is how BIG BROTHER CANADA is going to play .I will NO LONGER WATCH .I will be just watching BIG BROTHER U.S.A.YOU SUCK BIG TIME BIG BROTHER CANADA

  9. so unfair having gary back in house…not only because he has been in the jury house already for 3 weeks and has done nothing for the game…now he is back with the foul-lanaguage that is disgusting to listen to…not sure why he got the votes to return…i don’t think canada wants to hear langauge like that 24/7.

    • Has done nothing for the game…? He got rid of a big threat named Tom, and then everyone followed with taking out Liza.

  10. I don’t understand why everyone is is so upset about someone coming back. It’s a GAME!!! It’s not GARY’S fault that he’s back…koodos to him, I hope he wins!

  11. Poor Andrew got completely screwed in this twist and frankly, BB made a
    huge mistake because my sense is, Andrew has a fan base and a lot of
    people want him to win. He’s hugely entertaining in the house and with
    him gone, it will just be a rather dull. predictable playing out of
    events (and Jimmet make out sessions) until the winner is crowned.

    • Trust me, Andrew’s fanbase is not big enough to cause a drastic change is viewership ratings. Although I am also sick of Jimmet make out sessions. But really, Andrew just follows Jimmets commands like a trained dog, his absence wont change the game.

  12. Anyone watching the live feeds all the time, do you guys know if Dan told them about the Boston bombings? Is he allowed to share news from outside the house?

    • Feeds have been poor. no audio at times or for the wrong camera. However, I understand that the BBUS told something about 911 during that season. But I think that was only since some in the house might have been directly affected. I have not heard any talk about it.

  13. I can’t understand – who said that BB and/or HG need to be fair. It is a game and I for one love the idea that Gary is back to stir up the pot a little. I think that Emmitt is playing a good game and then Gary. Something about Andrew doesn’t fit right with me and Tally is a joke, but may have the last laugh. I was an Ian fan last year but did enjoy the Dan mist or antics.

  14. I swear down if Gary wins the whole damn thing, I am never watching Big Brother Canada ever again!!! These chevrolet power shifts are bull crap and unfair!!! There should be no saves from eviction after veto, no instant eviction and certainly no bringing back people that have been evicted already! Booooo Big Brother Canada!!!

    • It’s these twist, although unfair, that make the game interesting; for me at least. But I do understand where your coming from.Personally I really don’t care who wins as long as the course of the game was enjoyable and had me on edge. If someone I like wins, that’s just a bonus.

    • Maybe Chevrolet should pull their advertising money? When BBUS brought someone back early in the game they had to earn it, a free pass is just favoritism.

    • I was never really a Gary fan, but now I hope Gary wins just so you don’t watch again. I’m so sick of reading all this whining about how it’s “unfair” Please! It’s a game! It’s what they signed up for. I’ve been watching for 14 years and none of this is any different than its ever been. If you don’t like it, don’t watch. Simple. Don’t whine about how you’ll never watch again. The majority will only watch if there are these twists. I’ve certainly been disappointed in the outcome of the twists before, but I’ve never whined about how unfair a show that I chose to watch was. Please.

  15. Anyone who thinks it’s unfair that Gary is back in the game really doesn’t understand the concept of the game. “Expect the unexpected” is the name of the game. They’ve done this in the U.S. version, and it’s a game. It’s what they signed up for.

    • I guess people are really upset about the fact that this is the final five, it really isn’t fair to come back this late in the game. In the U.S version they usually bring someone back in the final 9, no the top five.

      • Also, how do we know this “twist” wasn’t created at the last minute by production so as to bring back their evicted player that they wanted to win the game… this game needs to have its rules and agenda spelled out clearly beforehand (even if only to be seen by an independant body).

        • It probably was a last minute twist from production. The U.S. version does it all the time. When the cast starts to get boring (like now) and people stop tuning in, they shake it up to add a little excitement so people will start watching again. Obviously it’s bad when they have to bring Dan in…..they probably tried to get Wil or Boogie….lol. But those are the rules “expect the unexpected”

      • What’s the difference? I honestly don’t see how it’s any different. The whole reason the motto is “expect the unexpected” is so production can throw in any twist at any time to make it more exciting. I mean, let’s be honest, they needed a huge twist to make it worth watching!

    • Agree, People have to realized that high rating is very important to production. That’s just the reality of it.They have to scramble and throw in so many twists up to the last minute for entertainment value. Obviously this is not a good season for BB/Canada. The casts are just horrible. Any body that had seen BB 14/US knows that good players that really understands the game can make the show entertaining. I’m sure next season will be a good one since they’ve learned a lot from this one.


  17. Hold on now…I like how we are talking about how UNFAIR bringing Gary back is, however, let’s not forget how many other UNFAIR things there have been (i.e. Topaz’s HoH where her conversation was leaked, the instant eviction w/o veto, or Canada’s veto that HAD to be given to Suzette or Aneal. If you are going to complain about one thing, complain about them all, or just admit that you are not a Gary fan.

  18. I like Gary but it is unfair that he came back into the game with 5 players left they should of brought back a player a few weeks ago from the one that are not in the jury house that would of been fair. second i dont i dont stand why most of the comment are for Jillian to get evicted she is a really good player, cause she lied to Topaz for the Hoh competion she did a great move for her game think about if it was vice versa where Topaz made that deal with Jilian do u actually think that topaz wouldnt put jilian and emmit up or either one then she would of lied as well considering that emmit and jill are the power couple but point being is that she is a good game player and everyone i the house lies to get further i hope she or emmit go to the final 2 cause they do deserve to be upthere. lets not forget that lies that Dan came up with to get to the final 2 and also hosting his own funeral and the guy is consired the best game player lol

    • no, Talla is not on the block, you can’t use the veto to save yourself and another houseguest if you are already on the block

  19. I don’t get why everyone is complaining about Gary coming back. They have been bringing players back in Big Brother for many, many seasons. Also, the way they screwed Topaz over and showed her deliberations in the HOH room, was “unfair”, too, because she didn’t know and they did not show the deliberations for anyone else in double eviction situations.You can’t get mad, just becuase it’s someone you don’t like. People just want the milk farmer to win. They need to chill out. If Peter or Alec came back, they wouldn’t be complaining.

    • Of course we want the milk man to win. Of those left he is the only one using his brain. Peter acknowledged this. Emmett would have been F3, but BBCA wants to upstage BBUS and so the free pass to F5. and with the veto comp. no better than a carnival game, Gary gets a free pass to F4. BBUS has never to my knowledge brought someone back so late in the game, no doubt for good reason.

  20. Everyone is talking about how unfair it is for Gary to be back BUT…….. it was unfair of them to air the video where Topaz was giving out her whole strategy and the rest of the cast saw it. That is when Andrew realized there was a target on his back and went after Gary. So now Gary gets to have his fair chance at the game knowing how the rest of the Jury house feels about the remaining players. Karma came around full circle on this one. Now Gary
    gets to oust Andrew.

    • The NS alliance was already forming and ultimately I don’t really think that things would have changed much if they didn’t screw her, since the NS have been controlling the HOH and the POV. AJ would still have been voted out, and Andrew would have know he was the target. Talla has been at a lost the whole game and Emmett and Jillian were not ignorant of Topaz’ game.

      I think that since they gave someone a free pass to the end, ALL PLAYERS should be allowed to play the next HOH comp.

  21. And sorry but there is NO WAY Talla deserves to be in the house over Gary…she is useless and has been useless the whole game. She can’t even sit in a chair. She hasn’t won any competitions and sits around every week crying about not being “pawned” but doesn’t do anything about it.

  22. Gary needs not to win HOH next week but POV. POV is all the power next week because POV is the only person who votes next time to evict.

  23. I also am no longer watching bb canada. After reading in the local newspaper that suzette or gary was the shows favorites to win, it is hard to watch the players left struggle to be on slop and being cut off from their families and the outside world, while gary is in a comfortable jury house(eating apparently very well, )and then sashays back. I feel the only reason he didn’t win the hoh is that would have been too blatant. Now he has the power of veto. very surprising. NOT. Talla may not have done much but that makes it obvious that the players left know that this will be taken in by the jury house in their favor. Anyhow this has all been said just saying IM DONE.

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