Big Brother Canada Spoilers: Week 6.5 Veto Competition Results

The Big Brother Canada Power of Veto competition is over for week 6.5 (second half of this crazy week 6!) and the spoilers are in.

This week’s Veto competition included the two noms, Head of Household, and three extra HGs selected from the bag. Read on to find out which one of them won the PoV.

Big Brother Canada Spoilers: Week 6.5 Veto Competition Results:

Andrew Monaghan on Big Brother CanadaAndrew, the current HoH, won the Power of Veto and now holds all the power as the HGs prepare for the upcoming Veto Ceremony on Monday.

Right now Andrew is not planning to use the Veto which means either Gary or Topaz will be evicted on Thursday barring any other crazy PowerShift twists.

Topaz thinks she’s the one going, but it sounds more like Gary will be the next evicted HG and second member of the jury.

Are you glad Andrew won the Veto or would you have rather seen a shake up at the next Big Brother Veto Ceremony?


  1. Yeah Andrew shouldn’t use it that would for sure be his best move because now some alliance is probably going have to turn on each other next week aka Peter Alex vs Emmet Jillian. However idk they might just get rid of Topaz And Talla so everyone makes it to final five because seems like nobody wants to target a big player. Talla and Topaz should team up with Emmet and Jillian to get Alec Peter and Andrew out.

  2. that sucks for topaz. that was so messed up that big brother let everyone here her thoughts. they keep everyones dairy room sessions private so why would they choose not to make that private? her game is screwed now because of that.

    • Arissa didn’t tell topaz to voice her “thoughts”…that was her own choice… she was asked only to give her the names of her two nominees…. Topaz alone, is responsible for her faux paus

      • She obviously did. Notice the cut inbetween. Do you think it would of been a good twist if she kept her mouth shut ? Freaking the host asked her why she put those two up. BBC gas just become stupid retarded.,

      • And that doesn’t matter at all anyone in her situation probably would of done the same thing and she was taken to the hoh for privacy but more Like trick her. I don’t even like topaz but they basically just showed everyone her diary rooms comments

    • I though it was great. Big move for BB and maybe the whiners saying how boring it is will change their tune now. Topaz didn’t have to walk around the room talking to herself. Peter pointed out she should have known something was up. I loved it.

  3. Yea I feel bad for Topaz. I don’t really like her as a player but it really wasn’t fair that they let the houseguests see that, that was really mean. It was weird that she was talking out loud in the first place, but regardless, production completely set her up to be the biggest target in the house.

    • …it was done because Topaz has blatantly been breaking the rules since
      the beginning. The producers want her awake everyday to add drama to
      the show yet she has been refusing by continuing to lie in bed and be
      comatose. This is the producers way of saying “you screwed with us, now
      were screwing with you” …it pretty much guarantees she will be evicted
      sooner than later and that’s why the producers did it.

    • Talking out loud… see everyones DR sessions its part of the BB experience. Topaz is a hoodrat pure and simple. That said she should have a fair and equal chance to win the season. I’ve said repeatedly the production SUCKS. That isn’t changing dispite hoodrat getting bleeped. She and Gary planning the “blowup” was absolutely stupid strategy. Everyones lost there mind except the solid single minded focus of Jillmitt. You better watch Jillian shes best positioned in the house. She gets to 3 she wins endurance and plays 7 questions! Jillbum is playing crazy good IMHO. Wicked, and I mean pure wicked, social game!!!
      PS Lala has a great butt too! 🙂 🙂

  4. If Andrew is smart he will not use the POV and take this chance (perhaps the only one) to get the other HG’s to take out Gary now… if gary goes much farther and reaches the final three… it might be too late… and i don’t think topaz is that much of a threat that they cant take her out after gary is gone.

  5. Gary is by far the largest threat on the block and has no love for andrew (he just voted to evict andrew) so its going to be BYE BYE Gary next ! yay

  6. Topaz woul never of made it to the end. Now she called Tala a Whore and a slut .She sure has some class..

  7. Watched after dark, does anyone know where Peter was. Nothing was said about him, but he wasn’t there. Anything on live feeds?

  8. Can’t agree more that production totally screwed Topaz. What adds so much to the show is the diary sessions when we hear the players real thoughts … the players must have total confidence that when they are alone, talking to someone from production, (including brain dead Arissa), that this is private. If the players have no confidence if production will choose to screw them as well, they won’t be candid and that destroys a major part of the game. Stupid, stupid idea by Production to broadcast a private conversation with Topaz to all the house guests — what’s next, randomly broadcasting diary sessions to the house?? BB Canada obviously, once again, have no clue as to how the real BB game should be played. Before they cast for next year, as SUN media has commented, they have to decide if this is Canada’s version of Big Brother or the Bachelor Pad?? Sorry Topaz, BB Canada screwed you!!!

    • I think it’s great to see Big Brother taking a leaf out of the UK Big Brother’s book where Big Brother can change the rules at any time and can provoke controversy. All publicity is good publicity whether you agree with the rules or not.

      On the UK version Big Brother does plenty of “diary room chats” that are broadcast into the house for all to see. Only conversations that are personal ie medical / psychological are private. Everything else is part of the game.

      It is refreshing seeing the US and UK game mixed up together a little. There is a lot of similarities with the UK setup with the gameplay of the US.

      At the end of it this is Canada’s own version who is to say what production can and can’t do. It is down to what you as a viewer is used to watching and just because they don’t do it in the US version doesn’t mean it isn’t right for the Canadian version.

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