Big Brother Canada Spoilers: Week 5 Veto Ceremony Results

We’ve got your spoilers for Big Brother Canada’s Power of Veto ceremony this week as the Feeds are back and we’ve got an eye on what’s happening in the house. Read on for those spoilers or skip this story if you want to keep the results a surprise for Wednesday night’s broadcast on Slice.

Emmett Blois - Big Brother CanadaNo one was expecting the winner of this week’s Veto to change things up by using the power. Sure enough, this was a quiet ceremony where Emmett decided once again to not use the PoV and undo one of Andrew’s Alec’s nominations.

That means either Suzette or Suzette. Oops, I mean either Suzette or AJ will be going home on Thursday. It’ll be Suzette. Let’s just go ahead and skip to the next HoH competition while she packs her bags.

The house is ready for her to go and Suzette is at peace with what’s heading her way. Considering how she dodged that bullet just a few weeks before this has all been bonus time for her in the Big Brother Canada house.

Do you think Emmett made the right decision? Should he have used his Veto power and forced Alec to name a renom?


  1. “Sure enough, this was a quiet ceremony where Emmett
    decided once again to not use the PoV and undo one of Andrew’s nominations”

    Who’s editting this stuff? Alec is the HOH not Andrew

  2. Lol guys Matt knows Alec is the HoH and not Andrew. He was just making a point that this week Andrew basically decided everything. From the noms to whether or not Emmett should use the Veto. I thought it was funny personally.

  3. Just question why doesn’t this site put up the highlight notes for that day on what happened in the house? This site does it for the big brother USA one

    • I really wish we could, but the way this show is set up there just isn’t as much revenue which means I can’t put in the same amount of time on this version. I have to work on other shows to pay the bills.

      Maybe we could find some die-hard fans to recruit to help out w/ that sort of thing though. Any takers?

  4. What a boring season… so predictable! The house is not divided like the USA’s. In Canada’s version, it’s always the whole house against 1 or 2 people.
    Except probably Gary, the rest of the house are coward! No big moves! disapointing!!!

  5. HEY! I use this site to gain points on the bigbrothercanada site game. If I pick the wrong name, then I lose points! So PLEASE, can you make sure you put down the RIGHT name? THANKS.
    p.s. I understood what you were trying to say.

  6. Another spineless move by a house guest, way to go Emmet! Not like we didn’t see that coming. Please get rid of Topaz already !! She STRUTS around that house!! If Alec got bounced Topaz would be scrambling as she does nothing to create bonds with people now that for two weeks she can hide behind her boyfriend !! I feel terrible for Suzette, she was a total underdog and did nothing to deserve being repeatedly put up on the block. I think its pretty disgraceful how the house justifies picking on her because she is a mother and married !!! So does BB only get upset when someone gets “bullied” but not discriminated? i just hope your fateful twist you keep promising is as good as what you say as right now its not shaping up so good.

    • I think the vibe is that Suzette has done plenty to be on the block. Seems she’s not always very pleasant in the house which isn’t a good thing when those same HGs decide your fate.

      Just because someone is targeted, don’t necessarily mean they’ve been discriminated against.

      • I totally disagree with you Matthew! I think that they are just a bunch of followers that pick on the weakest and unprotected player. I think it would be a different scenario if she was part of a strong alliance … None of them is brave enough to go against the rest of the house which is so sad!!

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