Big Brother Canada Spoilers: Week 3 Nominations

This week’s nominations for Big Brother Canada are in and after listening to Tom, the new HoH, on the Live Feeds we already knew what to expect. Of course we thought the same thing last week and that turned out to be wrong, but this week it was right.

The two nominees still have a chance to compete in this week’s Power of Veto ceremony for a chance to be removed from the block and swapped out for a renom of another HG. If nothing changes then one of these two nominations will be evicted at the next Thursday’s episode.

Read on to find out who is on the chopping block this week.

Big Brother Canada Week 3 Nominations:

  • Suzette
  • Gary

Do you think Tom made the right nominations?

Any preference out there for who you would like to see leave? Tom has shifted between wanting to evict Suzette, then Gary, then Suzette. Right now it’s Suzette in the hot seat, but give it five minutes and that could change again.

The Power of Veto competition will be held soon so check back in for those Big Brother Canada spoilers. You can also join us on Facebook, Twitter, and by Email to receive those updates when they’re available.


  1. Nominating Garry and Suzette is racially insensitive and borderline outraging, but otoh why would one expect the PC attitude from Tome and these people around him?!

    • Very surprised that would even be thought.I really don’t think these nominations were meant to be racially insensitive I hate that it would even come up. I hope everyone in the house is better than that. They are just playing a game.

      • But look at the pattern! 14 series in the US and now in Canada!

        Suzette and Gary are the first on the chopping block and then will be AJ and Aneal. Danielle is just an artifact.

  2. Do you really thinks it’s a racism based choice? Or perhaps Tom is threatened because Gary is actually better at the game than him?

  3. Racism… are you freaking kidding me? Last week Tom and his folks effectively saved Aneal to send “lily white” Danielle home. I hate the race card when it is used indiscriminately. @MioDio i think your comments outrageous at minimum!

    One of the great things about Canada is we are in my opinion a “rainbow” society. I applaud BBCAN for having a house that mirrors to a reasonable extent our country ethnically.

    This is a game where everyone should understand the bargain. Suzette nominates 2 “white guys” 1st week! Why wasn’t MioDio yelling racism then when an aboriginal woman noms 2 white guys? The answer is of course her noms weren’t racist and niether is Toms.

    Suzettes a floater unable to build core relationships with power players. That will definately get you on the block sooner rather than later. PS… Don’t help yourself to the HOH’s stuff without asking. That will definately pee the HOH(Tom) off! Tom must have cussed her out on and off 50 time! LOL

    As for Gary as much as we fans enjoy his entertainment value he is perhaps hard to live with in the bubble known as BB Canada. Not sure if Gary has tried to reach out strategically to Tom, Emmit ect. But he has been vocal about wanting Aneal out. You burn bridges and consensus becomes easier on whom to nominate that offends less folks.

    Lastly remember these folks are all newbies. It’s not like the US BB with returning players directing the game internally. If you presume that Quatro believes his vote is in thier pockets after saving Aneal last week then Gary is pretty obvious to me as a strategic nom.

    • i agree, its not racist remember he had it out for suze since she nom’ed him first week so there’s one bulleye and he was hooked to gary that other night so he isn’t fond of either…plus they’re not part of his crew, his quatro the honies or extended crew (i.e dru) so yah…anyone one the outside likely was friends with dani and end up on da block. it’ll be like this for weeks as long as his crew ends up HOH

    • Look at the patter of 4 seasons in the US and now one in Canada! It’s then not surprising that Siuzette and Gary are on the chopping block with AJ and Aneal next on the line.

  4. Either way Tom is an idiot. I hope Gary wins the veto again. He is targeting Suzette for nominating him, but she was made HOH on the spot and only nominated him because he is physically fit. She is no threat to him whatsoever, he just wants revenge, and in the end, I hope it bites him.

    I hate Tom.

    • Either way Gary is an idiot. I hope Tom wins veto this time. His targeting of Suzette is just great as she was such an asshole while being HOH and nominating him and emmit because they aren’t as overwieght and out of shape. Suzette is a threat to them since she doesn’t belong to any of the main alliances. I hope she bites it this weel

  5. This is what I think of the remaining players.
    Favorite- Suzette
    Least Favorite- Tom

    Tom- An arrogant, thinks he is smarter than he really is, ego-maniac who is such a hypocrite it isn’t funny. I really hope he goes pre-hury just to put a bullet hole in his very large ego.

    Suzette- Surprised by the amount of hate on other forums against her. On the feeds, I haven’t seen the fights or outbursts she apparantly had after Danielle’s eviction, but I am sure we will see it in tomorrow’s episode. I feel bad for her, she is clearly an outcast and I feel like, if everyone felt like an outcast with no one to talk to in a crazy/intense game, you would be likely to make an outburst too. After her tearful apologies to the houseguests (even Tom), it shows that everyone makes mistakes and she was mature enough to apoligize publically and be the bigger woman.

    Peter/Alec/Topez- I don’t really like any of these three. The 1st two are too arrogant for their own good, trying to be like the next BB Super Alliance (not smart enough or humble enough for that to happen).

    Gary- I surprisingly like him. At first, he was very annoying but with him being the underdog and being alligned with Danielle and Suz, I have grown to like him and can’t helo but root for him.

    Liza/Jillian- Don’t particularuly like them. Their constant “showmance” attitude is so overdone and annoying. Couldn’t care whether they stayed or left.

    Talla- Quirky, funny and quite clueless. I still really like her though and hope she sticks around.

    AJ/Andrew- Forget they are there half the time. kinda a snoozefest and they have no game. BORING.

    Aneal- A snake who should have went last week instead of Danielle. He is smart and good at the game, but kinda arrogant and too annoying for my taste.

    Emmett- My second-least favorite. Clueless, arrogant, mean-spirited and just plan annoying! Please let him go very soon!

    • I feel the exact opposite JA, i just don’t like suzette, she’s just not fun to watch, Gary is just too far out there for my tastes, the rest of the bunch seem more down to earth and know how the big brother game goes, you have to be tough mentally and be able to form alliances… suzette and gary are sorely lacking in big brother etiquette.

      • Why is Suzette not fun to watch and the others are? What is so “just too far out there for my tastes” re- Gary?

        I think the reasons for your hatred are different but you know the answer better than anyone else. Good luck!

    • I agree!

      Suzette is stigmatized while the backstabbing snake Liza is great and all fun… WHY?

      Why Gary is bad and Tom is great? Why Gary is bad for the show and Andrew or Alec are good?

      It’s just so transparent that makes me feel sick! But hey — it is what it is!

  6. He should not have nominated Suzette, she is not a threat and she is not very liked! He could have went after a bigger threat or somebody who is telling romours like aneal

  7. embarassed to be canadian……where did u find these losers.Not one cool person in the whole show,nothing but fags and wimps,sad sad sad.

  8. I want Gary GONE! I ABSOLUTELY don’t want someone with Gary’s judgements of people or situations or his sense of justice, getting anywhere near the Jury House. PLEASE GGG… Get Gary GONE!

  9. While we’re at it… I’d like to STRENUOUSLY object to your choice of formats. I’m SO disappointed that you chose to use the American model. The American model doesn’t capture the actual MEANING of Big Brother. You’re supposed to fight Big Brother as done in the UK version. Canada SHOULD have been done in the UK model where the houseguests are together in their fight against doing what Big Brother wants. The PUBLIC should be voting based on what we see on the livefeeds & the houseguests shouldn’t be evicting themselves. The houseguests should be bonding together as a human society, not making us a dog eat dog world where nastiness & deviousness is the winner. You shame me as a Canadian by using the American model and I’m very vocal about that in any post I make regarding Big Brother. You have made a serious mistake in my estimation and you have represented my country very badly by using the American model. Shame on you.

      • I totally agree, love the UK version the best. No nom discussions and lots of fun activities. When you get the boot you come out to cheering or booing. You make their exit HUGE and you do the BBOTS. Maybe Gary would make a perfect host for BBOTS. When are they going to do the dance routines and our fav shock suits?

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