Big Brother Canada Spoilers: Week 2 Veto Competition Results

The Big Brother Canada Power of Veto competition is over for week 2 and the spoiler results are in.

Today’s Veto competition included the two nominees, Head of Household, and three extra HGs selected from the bag. Read on to find out which one of them won the PoV.

Big Brother Canada Spoilers: Week 2 Veto Competition Results:

Gary, one of this week’s nominees for eviction, won the Power of Veto.

We should definitely expect Gary to use the Veto to save himself and force Jillian, the current HoH, to name a renom in his place and sit next to Aneal for possible eviction on Thursday night.

Who do you think Jillian should name as a renom in Gary’s place?


  1. Ok so the show is growing on me so maybe I did judge it too early. Still getting to know all the houseguests though. Don’t remember all their names or faces yet but I think Alec is REALLY hot (just thought I should put that out there). Is he from Toronto?

    • Yes I agree, it is growing on me. I think we are just so use to the US Big Brother and lets face it whenever we try to do a Canadian spin off of any of the reality TV,we kind of miss the boat. Remember Canadian Idol. And now they are doing a Canadian Amazing Race. But from what I understand they aren’t going to leave the country so I was a little bit on the negative where BB Canada was concerned but willing to give it a chance. Hope it is a big hit.

  2. Thought we were getting Danielle as a nom in the 1st place? I guess Jillian is just going to renom another guy. Really bad HOH for her IMO. Gary was understandable based on all the complaining in the house. Didn’t see Aneal coming at all. You’d think Emmit is safe, thus Tom as well. The other Nova Scotian Andrew unlikely. That leaves it really thin on guys to choose from IMHO. I actually thought she’d nominate based on house concensus as this is the norm for good players early on. Guess she isn’t one of those. lol
    Don’t think Talla as I believe she dropped in a deal with Jillian for HOH. Pretty sure that was from BBAD after the 1st eviction episode.

  3. Jillian made a deal with Danielle, so she’s not going to be nominating her. She’s not gonna nominate Suzette either because she made a deal with her last week. I think Jillian is probably gonna nominate AJ as the replacement and Aneal will be evicted.

  4. host is brutal !!!!!
    Seriously can’t Canada be represented by someone who doesn’t say “yo” and “ya’ll”….pathetic

  5. Please Evict the HOST….. I dont know if I can handle a season with her! It could possiblity ruin BBCND… and we all know how Canada reality shows are short lived!!!!

  6. Jillian did exactly what aneal said she would she is playing the character of the female who is under the thumb of the strong guys. so typical is there not a strong canadian women who can think for her self on the show?

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