Big Brother Canada 2: Eviction Prediction – Week 4

Rachelle is a hot dog on Big Brother Canada

Inside the Big Brother Canada house the HGs are preparing for their next eviction which is filmed hours before it airs. So who is going to be evicted next and miss their chance at making it to the Jury House? Unlike last week we don’t expect a blindside so don’t go expecting any shocked faces this time around.

Read on for our Big Brother Canada spoilers on who will be evicted tonight.

Ika and Heather are this week’s final nominees. As of the now the house is leaning strongly to evict Ika after she was renom’d in Allison’s place following the Veto Ceremony. Yep, Rachelle’s ally Ika is going to be evicted thanks to Rachelle. Go figure.

Do you agree that it’ll be Ika going over Heather? Share your thoughts in the Comments section below.

We’ll be here live blogging tonight’s eviction results starting at 9PM ET so join us and discuss the show live with us and other fans!


  1. Only the FirstFive alliance seems to have any gameplan. The rest of the house are falling like cards… The other houseguests better wake up to this soon or it will be too late. When Andrew said he would evict Allison as soon as she interferes with his game I knew that the F5 alliance was SOLID. I predict Sabrina will be the first F5 player evicted.

    • I agree, but actions speak louder than words and until I see Andrew actually evict Allison before the F5 I don’t believe he’ll do it.

      • ITA! Andrew is enjoying the showmance…..he will get rid of Sabrina the crybaby first! I hope Ika will not be evicted as she is entertaining.

        • He definitely will! I love Ika, she’s hilarious in the DR! Her sassy attitude always gets me laughing and as of now her friendship with Adel warms my heart.

  2. Honestly evicting Ika or Heather is a dumb idea, how does evicting Ika help your game when the obvious target is sitting right in front of you. Evicting Heather does nothing as well just because she seems annoying doesn’t mean she is a threat. It really is just a wasted HOH

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