Big Brother Canada Results: Who Went Home Last Night? 4/15/2015

Big Brother Canada results last night revealed who was voted out of the BBCAN3 house when the Veto Twist was resolved and the Houseguests went inside the Diary Room to vote.

Sarah & Johnny face eviction on BBCAN3
Sarah & Johnny face eviction on BBCAN3 – Source: Global

The eviction vote is really a foregone conclusion at this point as even the nominees have been told what will happen and I don’t expect any variance at this point since plans are already being made for the next big move.

Unfortunately for the outgoing HoH, that next big move won’t make him too happy unless his allies win HoH. Zach, Jordan, and Kevin are ready to strike at the other side of the house which could make for a very entertaining week on the Feeds! Let’s just hope production doesn’t block it all.

This should be a busy Big Brother Canada 3 episode and we’ll be here live recapping the whole thing. First up we’ve got the Veto twist and no kidding, Bruno does NOT use the Double Veto. Both noms remain the same. Either Johnny or Johnny, I mean, or Sarah will be evicted.

Eviction Vote – Week 4:

  • Bobby votes to evict Johnny
  • Willow votes to evict Johnny
  • Ashleigh votes to evict Johnny
  • Zach votes to evict Johnny
  • Pilar votes to evict Johnny
  • It’s official.
  • Godfrey votes to evict Johnny
  • Brittnee votes to evict Johnny
  • Jordan votes to evict Johnny
  • Kevin votes to evict Johnny

By a vote of 9-0, Johnny Colatruglio has been evicted from Big Brother Canada.

Arisa brings out all five of the first evicted HGs to the FOTH. They’ll compete for one spot to return and that will air on Sunday’s show, but we should have the spoilers before that. HoH comp is coming up.

Head of Household Comp – Week 5 – Before or After:

  • Round 1: all correct
  • Round 2: Ashleigh eliminated
  • Round 3: …

Cliffhanger! Hang on while we get you the spoilers… Spoilers! Find out who won HoH.

What do you think of tonight’s BBCAN3 results? Were the right choices made?


  1. I’m watching the Orioles-Yankees game on my second TV, and I just notice that the player are wearing # 42. What’s that all about ?

  2. Jordan is like a mini-Peter more than a Canadian Ian Terry. He thinks he got this in the bag. God forbid he makes it to the end. I actually like Zach more than him.

    • Zach thinks he’s flying under the radar more than he is though be interesting to see what he does tonight if he wins HOH or how hard he plays in the comp please if you already know what happens please no spoilers

  3. But guess what is actually trending on twitter in Canada right now ? I’ll give you 3 guess, 1st 2 don’t count.

  4. So that comp is for Sunday. I guess they did it after they showed the exit to the crowd. That’s why there’s no leak on twitter.

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