Big Brother Canada Results: Who Went Home Last Night? 5/25/2015

Last night on Big Brother Canada the Final 4 were cut to the F3 of the season and we’re now ready to head on to the season finale this Wednesday. We now officially know who went home during the surprise eviction.

Big Brother Canada 3 Houseguests & Arisa Cox - source: @89razorskate20
Big Brother Canada 3 Houseguests & Arisa Cox – source: @89razorskate20

The Veto competition was revealed as we watched Ashleigh sweep in and secure both her safety and the sole vote this week. So who was the latest Houseguest sent to Jury?

The final noms this week were Brittnee and Godfrey with Sarah as HoH and Ashleigh voting.

Ashleigh voted to evict… Brittnee.

Brittnee had tried to convince Ashleigh that she’d take her over Sarah to the end if she won the final HoH, but it wasn’t enough to sway her choice.

The Big Brother Canada 3 Final 3 is officially Ashleigh, Godfrey, and Sarah. One of these three will win the $100K prize. Congrats to all of them on making it this far.

Do you think Ashleigh made the right choice with her vote? What would you have done?


  1. Smart move. It was a no brainer really.
    But seriously, at this point…I couldn’t care less who wins. I can’t stand the remaining house guests.

  2. I’m sad! I loved Britt. She had so much heart and fight in her. She won when she needed to and she took out the people she needed too. It was obvious Ash wouldn’t have taken her seeing as Zach explicitly told her not to but all’s good. I would love to see Godfrey or Sarah win it all. Godrey’s game was low key but he did play and Sarah fought her way week after week. It’s all up to the jury now!! (after someone is evicted)

  3. I really do not understand why some people are saying Godfrey played the best game! He was and is a floater. he pretty much stayed neutral and watched both sides of the house vote each other out. sure he went and spoke to people, but those people already knew what they were doing. Godfrey did not do any convincing or game-changing moves! I just don’t understand! and I am really disappointed with most of the twists this season. I believe many of them were not fair i.e. Ashlee was HOHyet Brittany not only got the power to save herself, but also got the power to save another person, and also got to nominate two more people! So Ashlee being HOH was completely pointless therefore I strongly believe she should have been able to compete in the next HOH. I know expect the unexpected however a lot of good players went home and a lot of terrible players stayed because of these twists! Bruno for example! not happy with all the twists! And if Godfrey wins I will be very very disappointed! Just because he played the game on his own and made it to the final 3 does not mean he played a good game, he just got lucky a lot of times! Very lucky! I hope Big Brother Canada 4 does not have the unfair twists like it did this year and a few unfair twists last season as well! Let the players play!

    • There are floaters who merely ride someone’s coattails, who hasn’t really played individually and is very vulnerable to manipulation.

      Then there are floaters who play the game on a subtle manner, easily manipulating people to think he is no threat, which gains him brownie points from jury because he/she is left without blood on his hands more than anyone.

      This is the kind of floater’s gameplay that helped Jun win BBUS 4, Dan with BBUS 10, and Derrick with BBUS 16 although they themselves wouldn’t likely consider to be called floaters because of its negative association (no thanks to Rachel).

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