Big Brother Canada: HGs Prepare For Second Eviction In Week 6

Gary on Big Brother Canada

The living ain’t always easy in the Big Brother Canada house and this week is no exception as the HGs prepare for their second eviction for Week 6 of the season.

If you’ve been following along on the Feeds then you know what’s heading our way on Thursday night, but if not then read on to get caught up though beware, there are spoilers ahead.

Little has changed as the HGs continue to prepare for Gary to be evicted on Thursday. Since nothing changed at yesterday’s Veto ceremony the nominations will remain as Gary and Topaz.

Andrew, the current HoH, isn’t about to make the same mistake Tom did when he let Gary off the block after seeing that come back to bite him in the game. Instead he’s made it very clear that Gary will be the one leaving the house.

At this point even Gary and Topaz assume this is the plan and would be shocked if Topaz is the one to leave though they expect her to be the easy target next week if she doesn’t win HoH on Thursday night’s Big Brother Canada episode.

Do you think the HGs are making the right choice of Gary over Topaz?


    • Yup! If people go for the duo’s they would take out Emmett before Jillian and Alec before Peter. That leaves Jillian and Peter in a good spot right now!

      • As long as Alec or Emmit don’t win VETO the week they are targeted. If they win veto Peter or Jillian may be obvious replacement targets
        I’d add backdooring is really only useful with 7 left as POV is played by all from 6 down. They better target Emmit now because after the next HOH he can win POV right down to F3 Win Physical comp part 2 then play 7 questions for the final. Alec Peter need to target him this week coming. They stick with Topaz evicted after Gary and Emmit’s position gets very strong from 6 down.

          • Hi
            I don’t see this as racial. Gary has tried to play a social game but his HOH was a disaster. Topaz hasn’t even tried to build relationships outside of a recent attempt toward Talla. My post was regaurding classic BB strategy from BB14. I’m presuming we’ll get the same end game though Pandoras box may not contain a Diamond veto if it shows up at all. Should mention Pandoras box and Diamond veto can be huge if someone gets it.From 6 down to 4 safe is terrific for anyones game.
            If the next HOH is Endurance then perhaps Jillian beats Talla. Emmit would need to win at 6 then milkmance might have a diamond veto shot.
            PS I’m from Halifax also!

          • Didn’t Gary win some sort of special power recently? Didn’t it have to do with a veto? Have I missed him already using it? Am I remembering this wrong? Someone?

          • Special power was to remove someone competing in the veto. I’m not 100% sure but I don’t think Emmit or Jillian were choosen to play. Anyway Andrew won the veto and did not use it. Gary has nothing to fall back on but a twist. I’m like most here who do not see a twist coming this week. I’d say the vote will be 5-0 to evict Gary. That’s what the feeds suggest anyway.

          • They put up the visible minorities first as sacrificial lambs before whites. then it goes to east coast vs west coast.

    • Talla just a friggin drunk, who needs someone like that as Canada’s first BB winner, I sure don’t.

      • if you haven’t noticed, Talla is actually trying to win competitions. She always seems to lose to someone for HOH and comes second place. It may look like she’s floating but when you really think about it, she’s not.

        If you ask me, she is in a very good position in the game right now.

  1. gary was the only one that was willing to make big moves the final 4 for sure will be alec, peter, jillian, and emett

    • it all depends on your point of view, since I want Gary evicted then it seem like a big move to get him out NOW… Gary and Topaz’s plans were only BIG moves in there own minds because they didn’t have any solid alliances to pull it off… I’ve never seen a grown “man?” cry like a baby till i saw gary run into the bathroom toilet after being picked as a have-not… what a disgrace he made of himself.

  2. I get why they are sending him packing, but he sure will be missed. He brought a lot of shall we say character to the house, not to mention the entertainment. But they aren’t there to be entertained. It won’t be the same without him. AJ will get to enjoy his company. Miss you already Gary!!

    • I won’t miss his constant whining and crying, lying and backstabbing… he’s a loser so he should go. I never want to seem him again

  3. It is coming down to the wire people .you have to get the big players out. It’s a game don’t forget.

    • Your correct but the error was Topaz not targeting Emmit. She may have thought to backdoor him with Gary’s POV power that it turns out wasn’t usable on her HOH. The big 4 might be avoiding each other because of the old quatro alliance. My stink meter tells me along with the more reliable feeds that Emmit has switched to Andrew and Lala. As the A/P alliance was up Topaz’s/Gary’s a$$ when they had power. Everyone has been playing the multi option end game thus weak players are getting evicted. It will change in the next 2 hoh’s.

  4. I don’t want Gary to go big brother you should do a huge twist pull Gary and topez off the block and make Andrew pick 2 house guests to fill there spots the house would be shocked it would be such a good episode

  5. gary and his whinny, attention whore personality may be humorous at times but overall is annoying! time to hit the road gare bear!!!

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