Big Brother Canada: Eviction Plans In Week 9

With the next Big Brother Canada eviction just two days away the house is busily working its way toward a decision on who should be the one to go. The two voting HGs have been discussing their options and we know which way they’re headed. Well, at least for now.

Heather knows what's going on

As with most exciting Big Brother weeks the Power of Veto turned the majority’s plan on its head and now the house is making new exit plans for one of its own.

Heather was ready to head out to meet Arisa before she won the PoV over the weekend. Then after the Veto Ceremony the nominations were changed to Adel and Sabrina leaving Heather and Neda to cast the deciding votes. So who will they send to Jury?

Adel is in a bad spot at the moment. Both ladies say they’d rather face off against Sabrina in the next HoH competition instead of Adel and I’d have to agree with them. Jon will be watching that comp from the sidelines as well so they’d have a stronger shot at winning the power.

If things hold as they are then Adel will leave 2-0 on Thursday, though I’d still be entertained by a planned split that leaves Jon with the decision. I doubt they’d do that to Jon though.

Who would you vote out of the Big Brother Canada house this week if you had the choice? Adel or Sabrina?


  1. Idk why they keep underestimating Sabrina. I hope shes wins HOH so that Heather & Neda will regret their decision.

  2. It’s not entirely impossible that Sabrina could win HOH next week. Underestimating your opponent and overestimating yourself is not a good move. The odds are in Neda and Heathers favor that they will win HOH if they keep Sabrina. But they shouldn’t be counting their chickens before they’ve hatched. I know they have to make a choice and evicting Adel would be safer but the tides can turn at any given time in the BB house.

    • I think the closest Sabrina has been to HOH was the instant eviction competition. And even then, she was behind Allison and Neda.
      Yeah, Sabrina can win, but her chances are lower than Adel, because Adel does have a body for physical competitions.

  3. As much as I’m not a fan of Sabrina, Given who is left on the show, I would most rather like to see her win BBC2!

  4. I think they should get rid of Sabrina. If she somehow makes it to the final 2 then she has all the jury votes.

  5. Instead of debating who would be easier to beat, split the vote and “leave the blood on Jon’s hands”.

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