Big Brother Canada 5 Spoilers: Week 6 Veto Ceremony Results

Power of Veto ceremony results are in on the Live Feeds for this week’s Big Brother Canada 5 events and we have the spoilers giving us this week’s final noms for Thursday’s eviction.

Big Brother Canada Power of Veto

After Saturday’s Veto competition we had a good idea of what to expect for today’s meeting, but not all of the Houseguests were aware they weren’t hearing the whole truth from the new Head of Household. Well that bit of mystery is over.

Dillon is making the big choices this week as the HoH but he’s promised both sides that he’d put up their renom of choice. It was obvious that Demetres would save himself with the Veto, but the renom pick was about to be the top target. Poor Jackie, the new perma-pawn.

Power of Veto Ceremony Spoilers – Week 6:

  • Demetres used the Veto
  • Dillon named Sindy as the renom
  • Sindy & Jackie are the final noms

Jackie should hide in a corner and wait this one out. The Newbies plus Ika have already promised Dillon that they’d vote out Sindy this week if she went up. Well that’s quite the “thank you!” for Sindy’s move against Neda last week, right? Ouch.

Bruno and Kevin had been promised Ika would be the renom and they had planned to send her on out the door, but so much for that. Now we’ve got the countdown to Thursday night’s eviction as the second Jury member will be decided and head off to join Neda.

What do you think of Dillon’s renom decision? Should he have done something differently? Share your thoughts!

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  1. Ika should have been the renom. Ika and Dumb-etres are the couple that needs to be split up. Too bad Dillon wimped out.

  2. Sindy???? WTF is he thinking! He just went after a power dual, Dimitri won and took himself down and he didn’t replace him with Ika!?!?
    So now he is going to be targeted by Dimitri, Ika, Kevin & Bruno (because those two were aligned with Sindy!!!)
    I like him, Dillon but, he just got way more blood on his hands then he needed to! Dumb dumb
    I bet Sindy is regretting sending Neda to jury now! Stupid move to begin with!
    I expected the returnees to have more brains and stays strong within their alliance! But I guess with two strong woman like Ika & Neda, it was impossible! Only Ika can’t be a bitch and bossy, apparently Neda wasn’t allowed! SMH too many mistakes over the last week!

    • noooooo Dillon is safe for a while. Bruno and Kevin want Ika and Demetres out and Ika and Demetres want Bruno and Kevin out. it’s basically everyone against Bruno Kevin and Sindy right now and Jackie is in the middle. She’ll just go to whoever has power. Demetres Ika Dillon and Dre are trying to start a strong alliance with the four of them and they want to keep Karen and william as numbers

      • No alliances have ever stayed strong. Meaning alliances 4+ not on big brother, not on survivor! But, I expected more from the vets but IKA, Sindy, Neda & Cassandra are all Alpha females, I didn’t see those 4 sticking together!
        But I still think it was stupid, too soon and a stupid stupid move by Sindy to send Neda home!!
        Neda would have had Sindy’s back!

  3. How many seasons of big brother and big brother Canada have there been!!! You would think by now people would learn to break up strong alliances/ showmances when they have the chance! Why do these people keep making the same mistakes over and over and over again every season! SMH
    Sindy ( aside from being a returny) was a huge mistake! Dillon just got too much blood on his hands this week for someone who is already a big target every week! Wow!!!!

    • Kevin Bruno and Sindy are just as strong as Ika and Deme but there’s three of them. Plus Ika and Deme won’t betray the people they are working with. (they were not actually ever working with Neda past week 3)

  4. Was really hopin my boy Dillon would get rid of Bruno or Kevin , this was the perfect chance to get Kevin out of there! Agh! Poor Cindy

  5. Wow.
    Either Ika is really good or Dillon is a complete idiot.
    And considering Sindy helped Ika take out Neda, I get the feeling that there is an awkward jury reunion.
    It’s clear Demeka (stupid name I know) is pulling the strings.

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