Big Brother Canada 5 Spoilers: Week 10 HoH Results

We’ve got the latest HoH competition results for Big Brother Canada 5 as the season’s Final Four Houseguests have a new Head of Household to wrap up BBCAN5 in its final week.

BBCAN Spoilers with host Arisa Cox

At the end of tonight’s show Dillon had just been evicted and the other three HGs were competing for the last HoH. Either Demetres, Ika, or Karen would take this prize.

Ika won the first round and Demetres got the second, but who came out with the most points at the end of it?

BBCAN5 Spoilers – The New Head of Household is…

Demetres won the HoH comp!

Okay, so no one is surprised, right? Well that makes noms easy to predict. Kevin and Karen will go up but it’s all about the Veto.

All the same, Demetres has guaranteed himself a spot in the F3. Congrats to him.

What do you want to see happen this week on Big Brother Canada? Who would you put on the Block?

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  1. Ika or Dem better win veto and sens kevin home. All the moves he trys to make flop and he should flop is way out the door. Byee kevin

    • You forgot Kevin is a comp beat and the only reason his moves flop was that the people who had the power to vote were idiots (Dre, William and Karen)

      • yes Kevin is a comp beast. but is not all about comp. but your brain matters, he had the chance to send Demitri home but he failed

        • People don’t realize you can play the game and not play as hard right out the gate at Demetres did. Kevin was playing the game from the beginning. He didn’t need to play hard as he was in a good spot, why put a target on your back when you don’t need too.. mental game is just as strong and physical game.

          • TOTALLY!!!
            I 1000% agree with you and have been saying this for weeks now! You literally just posted almost the exact same post I posted several times!
            Kevin is a professional poker player, gaming is his life! He is always “playing!” Always!
            It was refreshing to read your comment! 🙂

        • He had to roll the dice! If he kept Ika on the block, she was going home/jury so, he pulled her off in hopes Karen would stay true to DIllon! He had no choice! It was a smart decision. I think he should have put up Karen instead though. I’m not sure why he didn’t. But he’s a smart guy, there had to of been a reason.
          Like I said, he had to roll the dice, he had no choice! Unfortunately Karen is a biatch and would rather hurt Kevin then keep the only person who was a true friend to her since the very beginning! She is spiteful and made a stupid choice! Not even trying to win. That’s all 🙂

      • So, that dosnt matter! Ika has played the best game! Kevin has done nothing but get out 2 weak players and win 2 vetos. Anything demetres has done was ikas move. Ika and Demetres are Jon and Neda of this season. Dem wins the comps and plays ikas game. Those 2 should be final 2 and not floppy kevin

        • While I agree with you about Ika and Demetres I also bring up that Kevin had good ideas but he had idiots screw up his moves.

          Also Demetres played Ika’s game? It’s funny you mentioned the Jon and Neda comparision, where Jon cut Neda because she had winner on her face. Do you think Demetres is doing the same thing as Jon? Just saying.

        • Also Kevin did nothing?

          Um I think you got him confused with Karen who pretty much was a coattail rider for the whole game.Keep in mind this is the same idiot who voted out her ally all out of spite for Kevin.

          Kevin did have good ideas of getting out Ika and then Demetres but Dre, William and Kevin were so stupid that they kept the showmance.

          It’s not really Kevin’s fault his moves flopped, it was the fact that people were so dumb that they gummed up his works. Kevin’s biggest blunder was overestimating Dre, William and Kevin. He’s been attempting to split up the showmance for a long time.

  2. Its not Kevin’s fault that they don’t see demitris as a threat ..wrong move for Karen. Now we all know she is getting out third..Unless Kevin pulls out a miracle Veto win.

  3. My dislike of Ika aside she played really good and made it further than last time. Plus she had the Demetres revolver to power through the house. Don’t like her but can’t hate her game.

    Basically Ika is Nicole

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