Big Brother Canada 5 – Nomination Anticipation In Week 2

We’ve got a new Head of Household on BBCAN5 following the latest eviction on Thursday night and that means it’s time to set some new targets.

BBCAN5's Demetres & Ika talk noms

Listening in on the Feeds this morning revealed who was part of the new HoH’s plans and after the little we got from the show this week these spoilers won’t be a surprise.

Demetres has gone from doghouse to the BBCAN5 penthouse after avoiding eviction then winning the next HoH comp which we’ll see play out on Monday’s episode. So now he gets to pick who goes up and if you’ll remember his little standoff with Dillon you’ll know where this is going.

Talking with Bruno and Ika, both together and separately, Demetres has confirmed his plans to put Dillon on the Block. He told Bruno the second spot would go to either Jackie or Emily. Bruno encouraged him to nominate Emily instead of Jackie since Jackie is perceived as more athletic and in turn a bigger threat to their chances of winning the Veto and keeping noms the same. Then again, if you’ve got Dillon in the mix maybe you’d want an athletic competitor to challenge him, right?

Demetres seems to agree with Bruno and confirmed with Ika that he’d be putting Emily and Dillon up with Jackie as the renom. Of course it’s still very early and the Veto Ceremony is a long ways away much less the official noms themselves.

So now we’ve got our second round of targets and still no Vets in sight of danger despite it being a newbie yet again in control of the noms. So if that holds we’ll be 6-8, newbies vs vets, and one of those vets is completely safeguarded thanks to the Time Warp twist. Yikes, newbs.

What do you think of Demetres’s plan to go after two newbies, Dillon and Emily? Are you surprised he’s avoiding the Vets? Why are newbies so eager to please the Vets? How many questions can I fit in the last blurb? Okay, that’s enough. Now we’ll watch and wait to see what happens with the official results later today on Big Brother Canada 5.

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  1. What the hell are these newbies thinking!!!!…..the vets are thinking this is going to be a piece of cake. They are all going to go out that door until a vets starts crossing the line.

  2. Looks like the Vets are going to rule this season; which is a rerun of every other season when former HG come back. They control the new HG into doing whatever they want and then win the game.
    Would it make sense for Demetres to target the HG who nominated him?

  3. Not surprised by Demetres’ nominations. The newbies were all so stricken when the vets entered the house, definitely knocked their confidence levels. As for Demetres, he was dumb to fall for Cassandra’s plan to pick a fight with Dillon so why wouldn’t he fall for another proposal from the vets? Guess he can’t count to see where this scenario is leading.

  4. As dumb as the newbies are you gotta give Cass credit for manipulating the situation. And compare the vets to the vets in BB 18- much more intelligent.

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