Big Brother Canada 5 Final 3 Revealed: Who Was Voted Out Tonight?

Big Brother Canada 5’s Final 3 were revealed in the second to last episode of the season on Wednesday night. So who made the cut to the big finale? Read on for the latest results.

Big Brother Canada 5 FOTH

We last left off with the BBCAN5’s F4 of Demetres, Ika, Karen, and Kevin, but one of them wouldn’t last much longer as Arisa arrived on the screen and let them know another eviction was coming up right away.

Before we got to the eviction it was time for the Veto competition, and this was no easy task. The HGs had to complete a two-tiered assembly of events and their day number. It’s wild and very cool.

Kevin won the final Power of Veto!

With Kevin winning the Veto he saved himself and there was no renom alternative but Ika. Even worse for Demetres was that Kevin would be making the sole vote this week.

Kevin votes to evict: Ika

That leaves us with our Big Brother Canada 5 Final 3: Demetres, Karen, and Kevin. One of those three will win the crown during Thursday night’s season finale starting at 7/6c. Congrats to all three!

Who do you want to win BBCAN5 and who do you think it will be? Join us Thursday night at an early start time (7PM ET) to find out who walks away with the prize.


  1. Kevin for sure!! On top of playing socially and winning the important competitions he has been kind. Although he has had people in the house constantly being rude to him he has never talked down to any of them. It says a lot about his character and he is strategic. He deserves it most.

  2. Another 4th place robbed queen. Its so sad. If karen left the finale wouldve been sooooo good! With ika gone, its kind of, idk, dull. These 3 never really stood out as much as a few others.

    • Yeah I definitely agree! I like to see great players go to the end it makes it more exciting and I mean if I were on I’d want to bring my biggest competitor to the finale and know I won because I had the best game not because I took someone I know I’d win against

  3. Honestly between Kevin and Demetres I’d prefer either of them winning. It’s hard to say who played a stronger game.

    Ika played good I have to give her that. Too bad Kevin (not production idiots, KEVIN) threw a monkey wrench in her plans.

    Gotta say out of all the winner so far I have to give it to Jon for playing an excellent social game in Season 2. Oh and before anyone argues Neda carried him, maybe that was his game.

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