Big Brother Canada 4: Vote Plans In Week 9

Down to just four votes this week on Big Brother Canada 4 which opens us up to a tie-breaker opportunity for Cassandra as the current Head of Household. So who will be evicted next?

Jared shows HGs he's "this many!"
Jared shows HGs he’s “this many!” – Source: Global

There was some drama on Monday as Jared and Kelsey had worked on Joel during the down Feeds to gain his vote and support this week. Joel was left shaken and concerned by what they told him, but would it hold?

Before the Feeds went down for the night Joel was solidly in the Freakshow alliance with Cassandra and Tim, but by Monday morning there was a lot of worry over what he was planning to do. Tim and Cassandra finally got to talk with Joel as he revealed Jared and Kelsey had strong arm persuaded him to vote with Kelsey and the brothers to keep Jared over Nikki.

After a long talk with his allies Joel came back around and agreed to vote out Jared while keeping Nikki. Joel’s vote is critical this week. If he joined the brothers and Kelsey then it’d be three to evict Nikki versus Tim’s vote to evict Jared. Now with Joel on track with Tim’s vote that’ll give Cassandra the chance to deliver the final blow by breaking the tie and evicting Jared.

Right now Jared, Kelsey, and the brothers believe they have Joel’s vote. They’ve even talked about how he’d be the odd man out of their group so I’m not sure why they think they’ve got him hooked. Joel is going to let them keep thinking that, at least for now, which should make things pretty exciting for the show on Thursday.

We’re still two days out from the next BBCAN4 eviction vote, so a lot could change, but really I don’t see Joel doing something crazy like voting to keep Jared. He’s smart enough to see this is a better move than voting out Nikki.

What do you think of the voting plans? Who would you vote out this week?


  1. Jared and Kelsey seem to have forgotten that Joel took a stab at them weeks before when he was Head of Household and felt betrayed by him at the time. Why would they believe they can control him this time around?

    • Hubris? It really is crazy that they seriously think they could pressure Joel in to flipping even while admitting to themselves the obvious issue of him being at the bottom of a four person group if he joined.

      • Yeah at least with the people he is now, he’s sitting pretty good, switching between 2nd in his alliance with Cass and Tim, or at the very least, the lines are too blurred to even determine their standings with each other which is a good thing.

        • Even if he is third behind Cassandra and Tim, he also needs to keep in mind that Tim and Nikki are close!!
          When did the brothers and Jared even become close? LOL I guess through Kelsey?!

          • They haven’t. From the jump, the Bros have been delusional about their prospects of working with Jared. Meanwhile, Jared has openly spoken about getting the Bros up on the block and out several times so far, during several HGs HOH weeks.

      • They actually told him to his face he would be at the bottom of the four-person Alliance?? Well that’s good strategy LOL

    • If they played the game just as good as any Canadian housemate, if not better, then why woud the jury hold their nationality against them?

  2. What possible excuse could or did Kelsey and Jared give Joel to keep him??
    Joel is NOT stupid and getting rid of Jared would be the right thing for him to do. Even if Cassandra and Tim are tight, so are Kelsey and Jared! But then so is Nicki and Tim but then so are the brothers and Jared LOL so I don’t get it! It’s all very confusing lol I don’t understand why the brothers would want to keep Jared, I guess to keep a bigger Target in front of them?
    There’s no time left to hide behind Target! Everyone is a target aside from Nikki LOL

  3. Anyway you slice it Joel is at the bottom. Brothers Kelsey and Jared vs Tim Cassandra and Nikki. Tim is going to have Nikki’s back. Joel is at the bottom regardless. Even if there is a tie Cassandra’s breaking it so why Rock the Boat unless she wants to break it which I did read she had said she wanted to.
    Sorry I have to do some math out loud here LOL Jared and Kelsey, Cassandra and Tim. Jared and Nikki are on the Block. Kelsey and brothers vote for Jared to stay…… Tim and Joel vote for Nikki to stay….. I feel like I’m forgetting someone LOL …. Cassandra breaks it soooooo even if Jared could pull over Joel, Cassandra still going to send Jared home so I don’t quite understand LOL does Jared think Cassandra will keep him? Or am I totally missing a house guest??

    • There are four votes: Kelsey, Bros, Tim, and Joel. Tim is voting to evict Jared 100%. The Bros and Kelsey are going to vote to evict Nikki 100%, so swinging a Joel vote would give them the majority needed to keep Jared. You didn’t forget any voters, but you kept the vote a tie in your head.

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