Big Brother Canada 4 Spoilers: Week 7 Veto Competition Results

The Power of Veto competition was held this weekend and the pressure was high with a pair of strong targets and spoilers reveal who has won the PoV with the chance to change up the noms.

Big Brother Canada Power of Veto
Big Brother Canada Power of Veto – Source: Global

Nothing like going for the jugular with a new HoH making the noms this week but that also means the chance of a Veto win by the noms was strong.

Yep, Jared won the Veto as one of the noms. You know he’ll use it and free up a spot next to Kelsey on the Block. Think Raul will go up next to her? Maddy has gotta do it if she wants to make sure the Third Wheel is permanently disabled unlike the last time they evicted a member.

The Veto Ceremony comes up on Monday so we’ve got time to see where this goes next but I’d put my money on Raul at the moment.

What do you think Maddy should do for her renom plans?


      • I’d really really like to see Nikki go….. Omg does she ever have the mannerisms of a grumpy, old English lady!

        And me thinks she’s got an eye for Mr Australia! Oh yah! No denying that at all!

        She’s always got her eye on him & she’s got such a sourpuss face or facial expressions. I did like her yesterday but on BBAD I was watching her on the bed with Tim. She had her eyes closed & if someone came in the room she didn’t look up; didn’t flinch!…… But, when Tim, who was right beside her, made the smallest move her eyes opened wide…. Then later you see her snuggling up to him on the bed.

        It seems like Tim is just being kind cuz really she’s got no one. But I think this is a one sided crush! Like I said I tho she was funny & ohhhh, those facial expressions are priceless.

        And my last comment might raise some eyebrows; I thought this was BBCANADA?! Why do we have international players/mentors on the show? Could’ve just had a different season’s player on it. But please please please NEVER consider Peter Brown for ANYTHING ELSE! !!
        Becuz he’s always been super annoying & has nothing to say; unlike myself or my buddy Tinalee

        And I cringe every time I attempt to watch the side-show! And Ariza toys at him. He’s got to leave the show next year. Please! Let someone else comment on the HGs plays. How about every year find 2 LIKEABLE HOUSEGUESTS from the previous year…. And so on & so on. But Peter Brown can go vapourize in the shields honour! PLEASE?!

        • In past overseas editions of Big Brother, Endemol Shine have manage to go as far as swapping housemates of one country’s BB to another’s and vice versa for as long as 2 weeks. The first of such was when BBUK sent someone off to the South Africa. Soon, editions from India, the Philippines, Slovenia, Finland, etc followed.

          Other than that, the franchise have come up with other ways for BB’s to crossover in some form or another. Whether it would be a long distance phone call between the BB houses of AU and the UK or a montage of greetings from different BB houses to congratulate the debut of another BB show, the list of the possibilities and extent the franchise took since 1999 has been quite endless, including having foreigners compete in another country’s version, such as Gary Busey who won his season in the UK.

    • I agree but you never know! Maddie could second guess her nominations now that Jared won veto and showed her he is a strong competitor so that could have made her more paranoid. She could decide to work with them (like she was initially thinking apparently?? Or was that just a brief talk?? Or was she really contemplating it?? And did Ramsay snap her out of it) LOL but then who did she put up? The brothers? They are not guaranteed to go home still! Nobody else besides Kelsey would go home aside from Raul. And really they should vote him out because he is a stronger competitor and is not giving up. Know what I mean? What’s wrong with getting rid of him instead of Kelsey? Just sayin 🙂

      • I’d certainly like to be a fly on a wall if it is Raul! If he goes I hope him & Mitch get plenty of camera time! Lol


        • I don’t think it will be. Usually when you see people Meetup injury they quickly patch things up. They will kiss and make up pretty quick, Mitch knows the game and he has to understand because he was guilty of what Kelsey said he was guilty of. But of course he’s not going to admit that while in the house LOL

  1. Up’s Raul, then Kelsey goes for good. She doesn’t wanna stay in the house anyway. She would even use the Veto on Jared if she’d won…What a waste.

    • You never know, Jared winning veto could make Maddie second guess not working with them and she could put up the brothers. I doubt it though because Ramsey’s not stupid and she will listen to him!!
      As for Kelsey saying she wanted to leave, didn’t she just say it the one time after nominations? Just a reaction and frustration? She hasn’t had an easy ride since the first week. Yes a few weeks here and there but really she hasn’t been comfortable like most of the other houseguests therefore her experience in the BB house probably isn’t that Pleasant. But I’m just curious, is she still whining about leaving? Or was it just the one time? I mean if she leaves she has to go to the jury house and be alone for possibly a week.
      EDIT: scratch that last comment LOL I forgot Mitch is there! It must be in their contract that they don’t have a choice, they have to go to the jury house! I wonder what would happen if someone said screw this I’m not going! I don’t know why they would, free vacation! But some of them just probably really don’t care and just want to see their family and friends! Kelsey for example in my opinion.

      • Well, it’s a long ways to go, anything could happen, but if she doesn’t want to play the game anymore, I don’t really care where she the Jury house, to her house or to the street.

        • Meanie LOL do you really not like her? I think she’s way nicer than Maddie! They show her on the episodes always with Jared but she talks to most of the Hgs quite a bit. It’s just what they show on the episodes to make it look like this big showmance and it’s them against the house. It’s not that way the entire time. I really don’t think she’s a bad person. I think she’s kinda quiet and she has had it tough since the very beginning. You have to take that into account, she hasn’t had a fun and relaxing experience like others have. Tim and Nikki and the brothers…. You know what I mean? She’s had to fight since the beginning. And she makes some strong bonds and is vocal about it but others have strong bonds also. Some of the other Duos are just as strong together. You know what I mean? It’s just the way Big Brother production edits the shows. Honestly the three-headed monster are The Underdogs. Everyone else is always safe! The brothers, Tim and Nikki haven’t been touched!

          • I don’t care about each individuals personality in the house. You can be a lying back stabbing a hole, I don’t care, as long as you’re playing the game. I want to see her fight to stay….that’s all I’m talking about.

        • I have heard they do get some money but to my knowledge it’s not much at all. I would think especially in the jury house they would get a decent amount of money or else they just want to go home and make money.

    • I agree Cyril. I feel foolish for wanting it to be Kelsey! Maybe Lovita really would’ve at least come back swinging!
      Put us all out of our misery & get that almost ‘wicked’ child out of there. She’s really wrecking Jared’s game & Raul’s & the Bros & Cass….. &??

      She’s become annoying….

  2. Well you have to give credit where credit is due! When the three-headed monster is attacked they come out fighting for the most part aside from when Raul and Kelsey were on the Block together although Jared could have won but he didn’t take the wild card where he couldn’t play in the HOH the following week. Any other wild cards he would have chosen but not that one to protect his game which was smart and worked out in the end because Kelsey came back!
    This Veto win by Jared might scare Maddie and she might decide to work with them!?! You never know! Now it would just be a matter of who to put on the Block next to Kelsey to ensure her safety. The brothers? Cassandra? I think Cassandra would have enough votes to stay though.
    But if Maddie is smart she will put up Raul! She’s not very smart though LOL but at least she has around Z to tell her what to do.
    So Kelsey or Raul, which one should go? Which one is a stronger competitor? Who would you like to see go? Is Kelsey still saying she wants to go? Or was that a moment of weakness and frustration?

  3. THOUGHT….. (b/c I certainly do not have enough of them & share them with all of you in great detail LOL)

    So if Raul is back up on the Block beside Kelsey would it not be smarter to get rid of him? From the sounds of it Kelsey has all but given up! And she’s not much of a competitor. Raul seems to be a bigger threat?? Yes? No? Thoughts?

    • Yes but I’m tired of watching Jared & Kelsey smoke all the time. He needs to get back to playing his game. She’s screwed him twice now! And that was suppose to be a good thing going back in. Lol

      • Don’t they all smoke? Most of them anyway LOL yes Kelsey is bad for Jared’s game! For sure! But I don’t think that makes her a bad person. She has been fighting for her life since a few days into the Big Brother house, that’s not a lot of fun! Whereas people like Tim and the brothers and Nikki have never had to be worried and just sit back and enjoy their vacation LOL

        • True. I think Kelsey made a few ppl jealous cuz she’s pretty, she’s nice & she’s smart. Clearly looks after her physical appearance & cooks! Haha! Just an all around young Canadian performing her best to win the game. But out she goes & second chance at that…. I’m sad to see her go but happy that Jared will start to play ‘his’ game again. She’s out a target on him again.

          • Cooking is the way to a man’s heart! That’s one way for her to stay in the house! And from the sounds of it it looks like Raul is the one leaving tonight

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