Big Brother Canada 4 – Nomination Anticipation In Week 8

What a mess the brothers were last night on the Big Brother Canada Feeds while trying to decide who should be sent to the Block for this week’s nominees. Seems they finally stopped changing ideas, but that’s probably only because they’re sleeping.

BBCAN4 nominations anticipation with the Short List
BBCAN4 nominations anticipation with the Short List – Source: Global

Nick and Phil ran through the usual suspects of options and names considering going after power couples and pawns before settling on one choice just to change their minds two minutes later.

We saw the brothers decide Maddy & Ramsey were the best choice for their BBCAN4 noms. Then it was Kelsey & Jared. Oh no wait, let’s do Jared and a pawn. Or maybe Cassandra and her uncle. Then again, they never did like that giraffe and there’s that one fake shrub in the backyard that seems to be ignoring Phil every time he tries to talk to it. Hmm. Choices.

After strongly settling on Jared & Kelsey (and promising Ramsey with a shake that he wouldn’t be nominated) the prom king and queen convinced Phil that the other couple was the better target. Again, more flip flopping led us back to Maddy and Ramsey before it was again decided that Jared and Kelsey needed to be the noms.

Once they settled on that and started getting ready for bed we saw a talk between Jared and Tim that revealed a plan by Jared to shock and awe the brothers in the morning with a new idea. The suggestion here will be that Kelsey will turn on them if Jared leaves this week. Earlier the brothers had asked Kelsey if she’d be cool with them if they sent Jared out… Think he’ll be able to convince them? Sure. Why not. But they’ll change back again shortly.

When noms are revealed later tonight I do believe we’ll see Jared and Kelsey on the Block or at the very least Jared and a pawn, which is a worse idea considering Kelsey could get the Veto and… well you see how that falls apart.

Update: Since morning it now sounds like the brothers are back to wanting Maddy & Ramsey up on the Block after pressure from the other HGs. They feel “everyone” wants those two up so there we go again with another shift.

If you were one of the brothers then who would you want to put up on the Block? Share your thoughts.


    • So it doesn’t bother you that he played AND WON BB Australia and now he’s come to Canada to win Canada’s money as well? It bothers me.

      • No, it doesn’t. It was the producers decision to bring in international players with the possibility that one could win. They should get the same chance as any player, despite nationality. Tim shakes up the house, and it’s good! I don’t care that he isn’t Canadian, he makes for good TV and entertainment in the house. Mitch was my favorite player but Kelsey coming back ruined his game, so now Tim gets my vote!

        • Fine and dandy, bring in international players but ones that haven’t already won a boat-load of money. That’s what bothers me. As for Nikki I find her beyond annoying. I know I’m the only person on the planet that feels that way other than that I have no problem with her being on BBC at all.

          • Why did Will compete again on BB7 if he already won back in BB2?

            Likewise for Dan in BB14 when he already won BB10?

          • I feel the same way. I also think brothers should nominate jarred and Kelsey.
            I like the brothers. They are good kids. Watching them self in tv will give them a chance to be better people in real life.
            They are still young.
            Tim is good for fun but not for winning final bbcan.
            What’s wrong with jarred.
            He is controlling. Kelsey should get rid of him before he try controlling her any more.
            Did u see how he talks to her.
            “Kelsey come here”.
            Not Kelsey can u come here or come here please.
            I used to like jarred but not after how he treats Kelsey.
            It’s not 1820. It’s 2016 jarred.

          • I haven’t been watching BBC because I don’t like all the stupid twists this year, I catch up a bit on this site so I didn’t know that was how Jared treated Kelsey, I’m surprised she tolerates it.

          • Is that why Tim and Nikki are here, to learn our outstanding technique? They should be giving BBC money in order to play instead of us giving them money if they happen to win. Sorry, you can’t convince me an Australian or UK should win BB CANADA.

          • Y’know I really hate that logic.

            “Tim and Nikki can’t win or play the game because they’re not Canadian.”

            So what? Tim was able to understand the game and put it to his best usage during his HOH reign to get blood off of his hands. And despite his crazy demeanor, he’s actually a really smart guy and seems to be playing a pretty good game. Yeah he’s no Dr. Will, Dan, Derrick or Neda, but he’s no idiot either. Also wouldn’t by that logic since Will and Dan already won they shouldn’t play again?

            Nikki hasn’t really stood out but at the same time she hasn’t been nominated yet. Yeah she’s new to the game but from what I’ve seen despite her tantrums, she hasn’t really become a threat to anyone’s game.

  1. The only way to get Jared out is to BD him, he is too strong of a competitor. Why don’t they put up two pawns and see what happens with the veto?

  2. Put up Kelsey and Maddy! If either of their counterparts win and takes them off the block put the other part of the twosome up beside them and let the chips fall where they may!.

  3. Seriously laughing out loud Matt! Great Rundown of the brothers nomination choices flip-flopping! Too funny!
    PLEASE be Maddy and Ramsey! Or Maddie and a apawn!! Although the women are pretty much non-existent in that house, Maddie needs to go! This week! Please please please please please lol NOW!
    Who are the brothers working with anyways? Anyone at all? Have they made any type of an alliance with anyone at all?
    Hopefully Maddy leaves this week šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚
    & then I think it would be hilarious in the end if it was say Cassandra and Kelsey final two!

  4. Curious, why did Tim vote Kelsey? Just to stir the pot? LOL did he admit to it?? Or is he trying to make people paranoid with that vote?

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