Big Brother Canada 4: Eviction Prediction In Week 11

We’ve been waiting patiently for the latest results from Big Brother Canada 4 as the Feeds went dark for the season on Saturday and now just two shows are left. With two shows and four Houseguests it’s time for a special eviction.

Tim and Cassandra face eviction on the Block
Tim and Cassandra face eviction on the Block – Source: Global

Yes, tonight we don’t get just the Power of Veto events but there will also be a surprise eviction for the HGs. So who drew the short straw? Well, nothing has changed for my expectations.

We don’t know for sure who the brothers will elect as their proxy vote thanks to their position as HoH and the winner of this week’s PoV. They could pick either Cassandra, Kelsey, or Tim to vote on their behalf. Hmm. I wonder what they’ll do!

Obviously they’ll keep noms the same and let Kelsey vote. I’ve been half expecting her to flip the deal and keep Cassandra, but I just can’t think of a really strong case for her doing that. Cassandra isn’t a comp beast that could team up with Kelsey and win their way out to the F2. Kelsey needs the brothers and their trust. She’ll stick to the Final Three Treaty deal and VTE Cassandra.

Do you think there’s any chance the plan will change? We’ll find out during tonight’s eviction show at 9PM ET/PT. Keep in mind these are old events and they’ve already moved on to the F3 HoH competitions with the three part battle, but we probably won’t see any of that until Thursday’s finale. Maybe we’ll get a teaser of the start of the comp, but I’m not expecting more than that.


  1. I hope the get rid of Tim. He’s a stronger player than Cassandra, and I think he could go to final two. I really want Cassandra to stay.

      • Other than the HoH that her daddy won for her she’s done nothing. I hope they keep Tim.

        • It’s not just about winning HoHs. The BB game is about much more than that. Cassandra has played a great game.
          I mean, she was basically locked-down for eviction against Joel and managed to talk her way out of it. That’s social game at its finest!
          I love Tim as well though..
          AAAAAARGH why did those stupid brothers have to win HoH AND PoV

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