Big Brother Canada 3: Who Will Win? [POLL]

The final three Houseguests on Big Brother Canada 3 are Ashleigh, Godfrey, and Sarah. Only one will walk away with $100K and a lifetime supply of Oxi-Clean (I think). So who is going to win BBCAN3?

Big Brother Canada 3 - Final 3 Houseguests
Big Brother Canada 3 – Final 3 Houseguests – Source: Global

Wednesday night’s finale episode will reveal who won out in the final HoH competition to evict one last HG and set us up for the Final 2 before the Jury. But before those votes can be cast one Jury member will be eliminated in the latest twist for a season that wasn’t going to have anymore twists.

Who will the Jury vote to win the money and bragging rights? Should it be Ashleigh, Godfrey, or Sarah?

Ashleigh has ended the season guns blazing with a rapid series of crucial wins for her game to stay in the house and control the outcome. She’s got a lot of former allies in the Jury, but will they see her game as a standalone from her closest ally Zach?

Godfrey went the lone wolf route this season and couldn’t have pulled it off any better so far. He’s used low key visibility and a social game that has rarely put him at odds with the other Houseguests. It’ll be hard for the Jury to talk poorly about his social aspects, but what will they say of his competitive play?

Sarah took a mix of the two with a tighter alliance group of Brittnee, Willow to an extent, and briefly Sindy while staying on the outskirts of the social game. Tempers flared with some of the Houseguests which could damage her social angle, but a strong competitive record makes her a threat before the Jury.

The Jury will decide on Wednesday night, but you can vote now as we prepare for the Big Brother Canada 3 season finale Wednesday night at 8/7c only on Global!


  1. Yes…Ash all the way….she played shielded and unshielded…had a decent social game and competitive when she had to be…best all around player.

    • sarah deserves to win more than Ashley. Sarah has been a target from the beginning and had to fight to stay. Her social game is way better! The only thing Ashley did was lock lips with zach and float to the end just like pili

      • Sarah wasn’t a target from the beginning. Sarah started becoming a target around the triple eviction, if she was a target she would have got evicted a long time ago. Ashleigh also played a good social game, she didn’t need to win any comps because she had allies who were targets winning comps to keep her and her allies safe. Being loyal to your allies don’t make you a floater.

        • Well said Joey…obviously a lot a people don’t understand the concept of keeping a bigger target in to protect you.

          • A lot of viewers just don’t understand the game of Big Brother. They just think making a big move means your the best player. It’s about your social skills and making the best move that can help you in the long run.

          • Indeed, that’s why I think Godfrey was a great player! He didn’t need to win anything to keep himself safe after his first veto win. He stayed quiet and let everyone go after each other and kept himself safe socially.

      • So you mean by floating…you win 3-4 veto’s in a row to keep yourself in and you take out big players…and that’s what you call a floater…mmm new terminology?

  2. To be honest, none of the above should win. Godfrey had no game, Ashleigh was pulled along besides a few comps and Sarah has no game without Brit. Brit deserved to win more than these people and Kevin and Bruno should have won. So no matter what, I will be disappointed but oh well

    • Yass!! Couldn’t Agree more! It should had been Britt Bruno and Kevin in the final 3 and I wouldn’t care who won since all three played a good game….but I would’ve loved to see Britt win though

    • I’m not very happy with any of the options either, I wish we got to see more of Kevin. Even Sindy would have been interesting since she was able to manipulate people and was good at comps

  3. What I think will happen and who deserves it the most.

    Ashly wins the endurance

    Godfrey wins te 2nd comp

    Godfrey throws the 3rd comp

    Ashly evicts Sarah

    Godfrey wins by a vote of 6-3

    Order of most deserving to least

    Godfrey- Played an amazing game. He managed to get to final 3 (f2 because both are taking him) by only winning 1 veto which he did not need. The 1st half of the game he made sure that who ever was hoh though he would fight to get rid of the other side of the house. When he was on the block he made it sound clear that he was against the people who put him there. The 2nd half of the game he stayed low to make sure that what ever twists came up he would not even cross their mind. He was aggressive when he needed to be, went UTR when he needed to and campaigned when he needed to. Best of the series by far.

    Ashly- She was a coattail rider but she didn’t need twists to get her to this point.

    Sarah- Did nothing but cry the 1st half then was saved by the saves because had Brittney gone it would have been the end for her in 2 weeks or less as she would have been next to go and you can win hoh twice.

    • Regrettably…the jurors won’t see it that way…godfrey will be know for throwing comps and winning nothing. People latch on to stupid reasons to make decisions…like Sindy with an “s”…that phrase itself made her a target the very first nite.

  4. As far as pleading their case to the Jury, Sarah or Ash could win, but I’ll give the edge to Sarah. I think she can articulate her case better than Ash. Between Ash and God, I’ll go with God…the guy can talk.

    • An Ash/Sarah final 2 will be an interesting scenario indeed. I think both of those can agree that Godfrey is a dangerous man to bring to the end, same reason why they can’t let him win 2/3 of the final HOH.

  5. You know last night..I expecting another twistos twist that would come out and save Brit or an alien power to transport her to the final 2…ah sucks it didn’t happen…guess they ran out of the twistos twists…cheap sponsor.

  6. I don’t think that Sarah deserves all this hate about not deserving to win because production helped her. Production did not. One twist was a triple eviction and it could have been anyone that won that week, it happened to be Sarah’s closest ally. Next, the twistos twist of the special veto power was always going to be a twist and Canada voted for them. If you didn’t want either Sarah or Britt to win it you should have voted for someone else.

    Sarah won three HOH’s and a veto when she needed it most. She was also great socially. I believe out of the three, she is indeed the most deserving as an all around player. Godfrey is in second and Ash in third.

  7. I think Sarah is the best player, she and Brit makes the big moves in the season. Sarah deserves the most to win!

  8. Who I want to win: Sarah
    Who should win: Godfrey
    Who will win: Ashleigh

    Here’s how jury votes might fall if any of these F2 scenarios becomes a reality:

    -God will likely have sure votes from Bruno and Bobby.
    -Ash has Jordan, Sindy, Brittnee, Pilar, Sarah and Willow.
    -Kevin is a toss-up.

    -God will likely have sure votes from Bobby.
    -Sarah will have Brittnee, Sindy, Bruno, Kevin, Ashleigh, Pilar, and Jordan.
    -Willow is a wildcard.

    -Ashleigh has Zach, Pilar, and Bobby.
    – Sarah has Brittnee, Godfrey and Sindy.
    -Bruno, Willow, Jordan and Kevin are toss-ups.

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