Big Brother Canada 3 Spoilers: Week 3.5 Power of Veto Results – Update

The spoilers for Big Brother Canada have rolled in tonight after the Feeds returned following the Instant Eviction episode where we said goodbye to Naeha at the hands of Kevin’s short rule as Head of Household. Now the new nominees had the chance to fight for the Power of Veto.

Big Brother Canada Power of Veto
Big Brother Canada Power of Veto – Source: Slice

Brittnee could finally relax and let someone else worry about going up on the block. We already discovered her nominees and all the other Power of Veto results, so here’s what happened there.

Update: Thanks to additional discussions on the Feeds we have revised information.

Brittnee had nominated Kevin with Bobby Graig, but at the PoV competition Kevin pulled off yet another win Johnny earned the win. At the Ceremony Johnny used the Veto and that lead to Brittnee naming a renom.

Bobby Graig was renom’d and is up on the block next to Bobby. One of these two guys will be voted out on Wednesday night with the chance to return as part of a twist for the first five evictees.

Who do you think should be evicted? Sounds like things are leaning toward sending Graig out, or at least that’s what the ladies are hoping right now but some guys are pointing out that Graig could be more of a fighter than Bobby has shown to be.


  1. I hope Craig goes home and Neha comes back and girls make strong alliance and include Johnny. I love Johnny.

  2. I hope next year bbc have few separate bedrooms and not just one big room where everyone sleeps. It’s boring.

  3. Omg I was watching bbc 3 after dark and noticed these house guests don’t even have the coffee table. How mean bbc 3.
    Is it to show off the floor. So not cozy! BBC call me and I will decorate the living room next time I’m a interior decorator!

  4. Britnee is not playing around with her nominations! She ended up putting 3 strong guys on the block in a week! YAY! I hope Graig goes home, I can’t stand him.

  5. Whoever goes home I hope Naeha and Sindy stay the hell out and don’t come back. Both of them are pretty awful. Though, really other than Risha, I’d take Sindy coming back instead of Naeha in a heartbeat.

    • They both are good players so I don’t care who comes back. If Sindy comes back there will be a lot of lip and tong eating (gross). Neha never gotta chance to save herself by playing veto. 🙁

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