Big Brother Canada 3: Special Eviction Surprise As Feeds Turn Off

The Big Brother Canada 3 Feeds came to an end today and they did it in a grand fashion with Arisa Cox arriving via the big screen to inform the Final Four Houseguests of some shocking news: it’s eviction time!

Big Brother Canada 3 Houseguests & Arisa Cox - source:  @89razorskate20
Big Brother Canada 3 Houseguests & Arisa Cox – source: @89razorskate20

With just days to go and four HGs left in the house we were still one step away from the final showdown on BBCAN3. What else to do but send someone off to Jury? So that’s just what they did.

Houseguests were gathered in the living room when Arisa popped up on the screen and informed them there would be a special eviction. With the nominations in and the Veto comp complete the next step was a single vote.

While we won’t know for sure what happened until the next episode it’s still safe to easily predict the outcome. Ashleigh was up on the block with Godfrey but her Veto win secured her safety and the sole vote this week.

Sarah will be forced to renom Brittnee and you can bet your bottom dollar that Ashleigh will send Brittnee out the door with her vote. Why would Ashleigh possibly keep someone that would definitely be taking the other player to the F3?

Our final three this season will be Ashleigh, Godfrey, and Sarah. Brittnee will exit in fourth place.

Who do you hope goes on to win Big Brother Canada 3? Finale is Wednesday, May 27, 2015 at 8/7c.


  1. I would be surprise if BB doesn’t manage to keep the lid on spoilers. I guess we will have to be surprise by future events.

    • Oh yeah. Godfrey is a F2 lock. All 3 HGs’ (well obviously G) in F3 HoH results in G going along to the end. He played this brilliantly and far better than I thought he could pull off.

    • I
      am very shocked as well. I like Godfrey although I don’t quite like
      his game nor do personally feel he deserves to be in final two. I
      don’t believe him with how many challenges he has said he has thrown
      but I will give him credit that he was able to get himself from being
      a target to flying almost under the radar and also surviving as pond.

      • i agree with the challenges, unless he proves me wrong with the final HoH, he couldn’t win a challenge to save his life, but the rest of his game? he provoked the right people (ei: zach) kin order to keep himself in the game, successfully managed to keep himself in the game 4 (5?) weeks in a row despite continually being nominated, made the smart move of not having too many strong alliances (he worked with bruno, bobby and co. but other than that he wasn’t overly attatched) and manipulated people into keeping him while they knew full well not to trust him, he deserves it more than sarah (we all know its going to be him and her in the final two) who was playing it like a team game and bitched and moaned every time she didn’t get her way

  2. As we draw to a close, I just hope that BBC4 (assuming there is one) hires a new writer for the DR sessions.

  3. Disgusted with the Canadian support to the Drug users of Canada!!! My children were watching this season and I cannot grasp why there would be such a huge support for people like that…what are you doing Global? You are teaching future generations that….. “Its okay to do Drugs and be so open about it…hey, you could win money on a show for it” You made it very clear what type of people you support Global, especially by interfering in the game adding safety’s and triple evictions… you have lost my families support… I’d like my kids to learn Drugs are bad for you…not fun and games.

        • I wouldn’t call her an idiot, but her belief that Canadians support drug users is “idiocy.”

      • Jake. Please refrain from those comments, she is totally right and I agree with her as well. Everyone can have an opinion. If you look at studies, weed does impact your brain.. it does have consequences and it does cause lung cancer in lab rats as long as other issues. Her concerns are all valid

        • She’s right in what? “Canadian support drug users?”..and her rant about Global? Maybe some editing? to convey her message. right? lol..come on.. it sounds ridiculous!!….

    • Marijuana is less damaging than Alcohol, smoking and McDonalds combined. Do you flip out when you see a KFC ad when Big Brother plays?. It is on the verge of being legalized and I gaurentee you it will be legal in less than 15 years. Before you jude people for smoking pot please educate yourself. It has pain reducing benefits and has helped people manage their depression and PTSD. Also Big Brother is not a children’s TV show so you can’t really blame them. (There is a viewer discretion before the show starts and its rated 14+). I won’t judge your parenting skills as you let your children watch this show. So please before you go on a 1950’s rant on how “bad” pot is for you, please educate yourself.

  4. I hope Asleigh can pull it off and win the game! She managed to dodge all the twists and she proved that she didn’t need a shield in front of her by winning her safety a few times now. #TeamAsheigh

    • Surprise because they didn’t know “when.” Arisa popped on the screen and said “eviction!” That’s a surprise.

      Also because HGs thought there might be 2 weeks left instead of being in the final week already.

  5. Well I had hope for a Brittany win…but at this point I could careless who wins….although it would be Hilarious to see Godfrey win! The Shock on their faces would be priceless!! ^_^

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