Big Brother Canada 2014 Casting Complete

Big Brother Canada & host Arisa Cox

The casting for the Big Brother Canada 2 season is now complete! Casting director Robyn Kass (Kassting Inc.) made the announcement today on Twitter confirming that all submissions and open call events were now officially locked down.

No word yet on when final decisions will be made for the new Big Brother Canada 2014 cast, but with the sophomore season debut a few months away there’s still plenty of time for Slice and all those involved to give careful consideration to the choices ahead.

After last season’s fantastic cast of HGs the pressure is on to keep things running at a high level. We’re sure production is working to keep the new season fresh and the new cast on their toes when they hit the Big Brother house this winter. Oh, and it won’t be the same house either… more on that soon.


  1. Yes! Someone a little older would be nice….with some maturity to whip those youngin’s into cleaning house! Last year’s room was gross! Would be nice to see someone represent Quebec too!

  2. i hate it when they get too politically correct… one gay man, one black, one aboriginal, one muscle bound, one bible thumper, one lesbian, one airhead, one nerd… i would rather they just threw a great big hoop over a group of people in a crowded mall and took them without even an interview first… now that would be interesting.

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