Big Brother Canada 2 Winner Prediction

Tonight we’ll find out who won Big Brother Canada, but in the meantime let’s speculate over the potential outcomes as the season finale will offer a lot throughout the show.

Neda on Big Brother Canada 2
Neda plotting & planning on Big Brother Canada 2 – Source: Slice

Now that we’re down to the Final 3 (Jon, Neda, & Sabrina) we’ll need to whittle them down just one more HG with the three-part final HoH competition.

The first part is likely to be physical and some sort of endurance, but that’s not necessarily in Jon’s favor as we’ve seen time and time again when the petite females prevail in hanging on type comps. This could be a toss-up between Jon and Neda, but why not flip a coin and give it to Jon.

Part two could be a mix of smarts and athletics as the two HGs who lost part one will use their brain power and quick legs to get them through this one. Now we’ve seen how Jon is not a challenger in those Stampede comps, so he could be in trouble here if it’s similar to that. If Jon wins part one then we’ll see Neda and Sabrina going at it here and I’d lean in Neda’s favor.

The last part is expected to be Q&A, something all three have shown strength in past competitions which could make this very close. If Jon and Neda win the first two parts then we’ll see them here and Sabrina sitting on the sidelines. A win here would be critical for Jon as I don’t see Neda taking him to the end. Should Jon win he will take Neda to F2.

Now Sabrina obviously has a shot at winning this final HoH battle, but she’s only won one thing all season and that was in a number guess tie-breaker. Here she’ll need to win two consecutive comps which seems like a stretch for her style of gameplay, but of course it is possible and if it happens she’ll take Neda.

So yeah, no matter who wins out of the three, Neda goes to Final 2. Wow.

When Neda gets to the F2 I do think she’s got a strong chance to win. She’s played a great game, but it has been a quiet one and she’ll need the Jury to recognize the moves she’s made to get there.

Heather hinted to Arisa that she wanted to see Neda win. Adel would probably vote for Jon over Neda, but definitely Neda over Sabrina. Rachelle would vote for Sabrina over either, but probably Neda over Jon (or really whoever Sabrina told her to). Allison and Arlie could respect Jon for his strong performances, but they’ll have a hard time denying Neda’s methods and strategy.

Then as for Canada’s 7th Jury Vote? It’ll go to Jon (see: Exhibit A), but as I broke down above, I’m not convinced that he’ll have three others to go with it and get him over the top.

My prediction for the winner of Big Brother Canada in the order of likelihood:

  1. Neda
  2. Jon
  3. Sabrina

We’ll find out for sure who wins the season during tonight’s big finale, but in the meantime share your thoughts and expectations for the results show!


  1. Why are all of these posts so biased toward Sabrina ? You are all so pro Neda and Jon . Neda has don nothing that Sabrina had not already done in her first five alliance. She has been on the block more times than four
    of the final five combined.As far as you saying she was disrespectful to others , she showed no more disrespect the was bestowed upon her .All in all she played just as good if not better game than Jon or Neda.

    • The problem with comparing Neda’s strategy to Sabrina’s play, is that Sabrina’s entire alliance left at the beginning of the game, so to say that Neda hasn’t done anything Sabrina had not already done is irrelevant as Neda has basically had her pick of her alliance members all the way to the end, and Sabrina has been fighting for her life.

      Now, I’m not saying Sabrina hasn’t played a good game – she has fought for herself numerous times and convinced people to keep her over other people – but to say that she has played as good or better a game than Jon (who has had a great social and competition game) and Neda (who, regardless of whether anyone thinks she’s cold or not) has also played a great social, competition and strategic game, Sabrina doesn’t even hold a candle to that level of game play. I fully think that Sabrina deserves to be in the Final 3 for how far she’s made it, but I don’t think that under any circumstance other than people disliking Jon or Neda, should she win.

    • Sabrina got as far as she has because the SS’s made a huge mistake and evicted Adel. Case closed. She is a mistake that will soon be corrected. Predicting a 5 to 2 win for Jon.

    • What in the world are you talking about? Where is there any bias in this article? I based all expectations and discussions on the reality of the game. What value would a prediction post like this be if it were biased on personal preferences?

      “…you saying she was disrespectful to others…” <– Huh? What? No where in here did I say anything even close to that.

  2. I’d like Jon to win this season but I think Neda will be the winner. Either ways I think they both played a solid game. This season has been quite enjoyable and I’ll be a little sad once it’s over lol :(.

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