Big Brother Canada 2 - Episode 8

Big Brother Canada 2 – Episode 8 – Source: Slice

Slice has posted last night’s eviction episode for Big Brother Canada so if you missed the action you’ll want to get caught up so you’re ready for what comes next in the house!

Last night we watched a lot of catch-up scenes from the Feeds so we could see all the back and forth plotting that took place after the Veto Ceremony. Once we got through that we were set up for a very fun eviction vote. It wasn’t a surprise for us, but it sure caught half the house off guard. Good times!

You can watch Big Brother Canada episode 8 right now on, but if you’re outside Canada you’ll first need to visit using a Chrome browser. Install the free add-on then go over to and let Hola unblock the site by picking the little Canadian flag.

Here’s the direct link to watch BBCAN2 episode 8 online at Slice.

Matthew Boyer

Matthew Boyer

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