Big Brother Canada 2 Spoilers: Week 5 Veto Ceremony Results

Power of Veto on Big Brother Canada

Spoilers are in for Big Brother Canada’s Veto Ceremony now the the Feeds are back from the meeting. The HGs gathered today in the living room to hear what the winner of this week’s Veto had decided to do with Canada’s original nominations. Read on to find out what happened and who will be the final nominees this week on BBCAN2.

Jon won the Power of Veto a few days ago and was in the position to nullify one of Canada’s nominations. Last night he told Sarah he was planning to use it on Sabrina, but was he just bluffing?

Turns out Jon did not use the Veto today so it seems Sarah might have talked Jon from his plans last night after all.

That makes Andrew & Sabrina the final noms of the week. One of them will be evicted and if the vote was held right this moment then Andrew would be heading home. But we’re still days away from that vote and Sabrina could always start enough drama to change the landscape.

What do you think of Jon’s decision on the Veto? What would you have done with the Veto this week?


  1. It may have been a risky move, but I almost would have use the Veto on Sabrina if the house truly wants Andrew out, not to save Sabrina, but to screw someone else’s game by showing who Canadas number 3 choice was. Jon should have known a select few houseguest would be safe, including alliance partner Neda. He could have made an ally in Sabrina, and someone else would have realized how they’re being viewed.

    Then again, in a situation where no one in the house is getting blood on their hands, there is absolutely nothing with the choice Jon made. Heres to hoping we no longer have to watch Andrew lean way to far forward every time he’s in the DR.

    • I agree with you. Although we know Andrew is going home, I would have loved to see Kenny and Andrew sitting side to side…..make the 1st five nervous as hell!

    • Yes, the fallout would have been twice as good. But i don’t think Jon wants to be viewed as a Sabrina ally. Most of the HGs are now clued in to how she’s playing the game. And shes moved up a notch on the eviction list. I think he did the right thing. Leave well enough alone and let the chips fall where they may.

    • My only worry would be that hidden veto stacked somewhere around for someone to find it. If ever it’s only good for this week then there’s a possibility we may not see Andrew nor Sabrina out of the house.

      If Kenny finds it, he’s immuned and he might pull Andrew out. However, the risk there is not knowing who’ll be up in Andrew’s place so it’s still anyone’s guess if it’s any from the First 5 or Rachelle.

      • The hidden veto does not come into play until after the next eviction. Either Sabrina or Andrew will go but the one that doesn’t would still be available to find it. The FF are done. The twist has done its job and has shaken up the power in the house. New alliances are forming. But with the new coming veto twist comes a chance for another shakeup.

  2. No one ever has four targets only one. If you have four and are you hoh then you garauntee one goes home. Play smart oh yeah its all kids anyways.

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