Big Brother Canada 2 Spoilers: Week 4 Nomination Results

New Big Brother Canada spoilers are in for the week 4 round of nominations. The new Head of Household has made her choices for who will be in on the block and face possible eviction.

Big Brother Canada 2 nominations
Big Brother Canada 2 nominations – Source: Slice

The Feeds are back from the latest Nomination Ceremony so we now know who is officially up on the block and how the house is reacting to those choices. Read on to find out what’s going on in the Big Brother Canada house.

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Rachelle didn’t take long to reveal her plans so these nominations weren’t a surprise to us. Allison had a heads up that she’d likely be going on the block and I missed if Heather got direct word, but considering last week for her I bet she wasn’t shocked when this happened.

Big Brother Canada – Week 4 Nominations:

  • Allison
  • Heather

The Veto competition should be coming up soon so we’ll get a much better idea of what the final noms could end up being before the Ceremony on Monday.

Do you think Rachelle made the right picks for her noms? Share your thoughts!


  1. These two nominations are of no use to any person or alliance… another wasted HOH… her plan must be hinging on backdooring someone… is rachelle in the stupids alliance… if so, she will probably backdoor one of her allies (IKA)

  2. She’s dumb and only playing for jury. Why bother winning an HOH if you r planning to waste it anyway

  3. I’m only cheering for Heather in the PoV because of all the bullying and gossip that she went through last week from the stupid’s alliance. Poor Heather, she has no idea about it.

  4. wtf do they realize that last eviction set the stone for sides?! Ahhh the boys went against your alliance the girls really missed up putting up Heather last week why put up someone from your own alliance who on your side even if she annoying.

  5. OMG I cannot stand how stupid these nominations are. Why would they go after Allison and Heather(who pose NO threat) instead of the guys?? I used to be on the girls’ side but after last week and now this, I really hope Andrew(who I cannot stand btw) or Kenny win next week and nominate Ika and Rachelle!

    Also, can someone explain to me why the girls hate Heather so much? She seems so sweet.

  6. I dont understand these nominations at all!!!!!!!! Thought the last eviction where the girls got bamboozled kinda put the line in the sand on what side everyone is on? Really looking forward for tomorrow episode to see the logic behind these. So stupid why are they nominating Heather she was on their side and a vote for them!

  7. Goodness Gracious, these nominations are pointless! Also, the fact that Rachelle may want to backdoor Ika???????? When she’s on her side? I don’t understand why she didn’t go after Kenny and Andrew or even Sarah since she knows she went against the girls’ alliance. These people are being petty, putting up Heather because they “hate” her, for a reason that hasn’t been explained (maybe because she’s so pretty). It’s sad.

    • Hey you. Finally showed up. Nice to see you post here. Better be here during the show tomorrow.
      And I agree. It seems they have no idea how this game is played.

    • I hate to say it but the women in this house give women a bad name! They really look weak minded and dumb

      • I agree, the women in the house are weak-minded and easily controlled. I had hope in Ika but she totally obliterated that hope with her nominations!

  8. I’m not even looking at this as an alliance VS alliance anymore, this is the same thing that happened last year. The house forms a massive bond with each other, and anyone only ever takes out the one straggler at a time. Only this year, half the girls in the house have destroyed themselves and currently have no allies. Ika or Heather is gone this week, the other next week, and Rachelle the week after. Neda and Allison are at least using their heads to get in with the guys. But chances are, in two weeks, the massive alliance will see one fracture and cast one that one person.

  9. Get rid of Sabrina. She is rude, picks her nose while cooking, gossips, lies, and chews her nails. Plus she is so freaking annoying.

    • YES! Somebody feels the same! I can’t stand her. I saw her laugh when Heather was hurt during the Veto. She’s a horrible human being.

  10. I’m guessing these are Rachelle’s reasons for nominating Heather and Allison:

    Heather: I don’t like you.
    Allison: I don’t trust you but you’re just a pawn so don’t worry.

  11. Wtf? Rachelle is dumb. I’m starting to find it lame to watch. She’s playing a dumb game. I would have nominated Sarah and Andrew. Rachelle will be out next.

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