Big Brother Canada 2 Spoilers: Week 2 Veto Ceremony Results

Power of Veto on Big Brother Canada

The Veto Ceremony is over for Week 2 on Big Brother Canada and we’ve got the spoiler results from the Live Feeds. Read on for confirmation of what went down and who is on the block for Thursday’s eviction show.

At today’s Veto meeting the BBCAN2 HGs gathered around to hear what Kenny would decide to do with his new found powers this week. Of course we already knew from listening in on his talks with Andrew, but now it’s been confirmed.

Just as we expected Kenny used the Veto and rescued Neda from possible eviction. In her place, Andrew renom’d Kyle, Paul’s ally in the house. I guess fighting with Andrew and calling him a racist for returning the nomination favor wasn’t such a good idea, huh Paul?

Looks like Kyle is the more likely target, but things change quickly in this game so you never know.

Either Kyle or Paul will be evicted on Thursday night’s “live” Big Brother Canada. Which HG would you like to see eliminated next?


    • I agree. But someone needs to cut in half the power that Andrew and Kenny seem to have. It won’t be one of the girls since they are getting played like fiddles. I’m hoping the next HOH shakes up the house more than it is now.

      • I hope Allison gets voted in. She looks like a gamer and said she has been watching big brother since she was 11 so I think she is only girl with a chance of taking down andrew and/or kenny

        • According to Hamsterwatch, Allison is indeed the one to enter. And Ika wins HOH. I can’t confirm this but it’s what they are reporting.

          • That’s great then even though Ika annoys me a little bit. I just didn’t think the two other 2 would change the game that much.

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