Big Brother Canada Spoilers: Week 10 Nominations

Big Brother Canada 2 nominations
Big Brother Canada 2 nominations – Source: Slice

Big Brother Canada spoilers from the last Nomination Ceremony of the season were revealed Friday night on the Feeds. Read on to find out what’s going on in the Big Brother Canada 2 house.

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Sabrina, as the new HoH, revealed her not-so-surprising nominations for the very last round of noms all season.

Big Brother Canada – Week 10 Nominations:

  • Heather
  • Jon

Sabrina was always planning to nominate Jon but Heather came about when she played Paper Rock Scissors with Neda over that second spot. Neda won 2-0 and Heather went up on the block.

Jon was excited to have Neda off the block so she could vote to keep him because that’s what he thinks she’ll do. I think we’re looking at an all-girls finale on Big Brother Canada unless Jon wins the Veto competition on Saturday.

Would you want to take Jon to the end of the game with you if you were any of these players? At least Sabrina has openly admitted to him that she doesn’t want that. Meanwhile you’ve got both Neda and Heather promising Jon they’ll take him over the other. Hah! I don’t buy it.

We’ll keep watching for the critical Power of Veto competition results today on the Feeds and will share the results as soon as we know more.


  1. If Neda makes it to the final..she is going to win! Cut her loose before she does…but it all depends on who wins POV

  2. I don’t like Sabrina at all but I’m glad she won HOH because it makes it way more interesting. Hopefully Jon wins POV and Heather goes

  3. As of right now, everyone in the jury house WILL vote for Sabrina. They should have taken her out a long time ago, cannot stand her, nauseating!! Hopefully Jon wins POV and Neda goes up and Jon wins the last HOH!! I can only hope!!

  4. The general public seems to hate Neda and I don’t understand why. She’s a fantastic payer, she’s put herself in a prime spot to win. She seems to have no blood on her hands though she had a say in so many evictions. I hope she wins. Out of the the last 4 she definitely deserves it more from a game standpoint. And her sarcastic humour is the best!!

    • A lot of people at the official FB page are quite judgey with the HG’s in general, calling them out for their “horrible and disgusting” personalities, going as far as making fun, in particular, to Neda’s face and choice of clothing.

      • And these people turn out to make worse comments than the house guests they’re judging. It’s quite sad! Especially when they start making nasty comments about appearance.

        • There seem to be this certain sector of Canadians (and not everyone in Canada in general) who are very uptight in maintaining their country’s reputation as a place of “friendly people” as they don’t want to compare themselves to their American cousins in the south.

          Of course in such an artificial environment such as being inside an isolated house, the housemates could care less what the camera captures. And those people making nasty comments online should realize that, in the end, it’s just a game where you have to leave your true selves the moment you step inside the house.

  5. Saw the feeds, not smart of Heather to not join the gang to see Sab’s HOH room and read her letter, everyone was up there when Heather won the one time, I was quite surprised, she does know those members are jury members right? I love Heather, but she best win that VETO and try to secure some votes with her social game pronto! Love or hate her Sabs has friends (votes) in the jury house already!

    • Heather had been banned from the HOH room as the trade off for 2 mins with her boyfriend.

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