Big Brother Canada 2: Eviction Plans In Week 4

Big Brother Canada 2 - Kenny & a Hot Dog
Big Brother Canada 2 – Kenny & a Hot Dog – Source: Slice

The next Big Brother Canada eviction is still two days away, but the picture is pretty clear on what’s going to happen with Rachelle’s HoH tenure. This is going to be hilarious to watch as the First Five keep control of this game week after week while no one seems to suspect what’s going on.

Read on to find out who is set to be evicted next from the BBCAN2 house or wait for days to find out the same info from the shows…

This morning Kenny and Andrew visited Rachelle (dressed as a hot dog, naturally) and reaffirmed what’s going to happen on Thursday night. Now that the Veto Ceremony is over, Allison saved herself, and Ika was renom’d there’s no doubt that Ika will be evicted from Big Brother Canada. Even Ika knows this is coming.

Kenny and Andrew were in complete agreement with Rachelle that this would go through but they also discussed contingency plans in case there was some sort of viewer influence that saved Ika from the block. Kenny and Andrew pushed for Jon to be the renom though Rachelle worried this could be bad for her if it didn’t work and he stayed in the game.

I don’t think we’ll get any surprises like that so watch for Ika to be overwhelmingly voted out on Thursday. Do you think that’s the right choice over Heather?

Will the Final Five keep their hold on the game going with the next HoH win? With Sabrina wielding so much influence around the house they’ve already proven they don’t even have to hold the crown to have its power.

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  1. Ugh, I’m tired of seeing Kenny and Andrew with total control and Sabrina acting like she’s the leader. We all know she most likely won’t win any challenges so it’ll be funny when they put her up and evict her after they’re done using her.

    • If it wasn’t for the first five, it would have been boy against girls all season (Which I kinda would like that). Now it just seem like Sabrina ruined the alliance and make the other girls work with the guys from now on. I would rather want Sabrina to win over anyone at this moment, she’s playing a solid game so far.

      • I would’ve loved a girls versus guys alliance because if the girls stuck it out and worked together and put away all the petty drama they would have had the advantage! Sabrina, is being smart but I seriously just cannot stand her.

      • I do agree that Sabrina is playing a solid game so far. I just wish she wouldn’t get so personal in her attacks on other HGs. I’m ok with lying – that’s part of the game. But it’s not ok to wish they would commit suicide (Heather) or that someone would drown theirself (Adel). I’m sure she doesn’t actually wish those things but it crosses over the line from gameplay to immature actions that make the fans want you evicted as soon as possible. Not that she would care what others think but she might if she reads the comments about her on some of the sites. Fans of BB can be as vicious as the HG sometimes.

    • Don’t you think that sabrinas totally controlling Kenny and Andrew as opposed to them controlling her, she is the only one playing hard, I’m beginning to get annoyed with her high and mighty attitude…I can’t wait until she gets turned on, I’m sure she will fly off the handle when she finally gets put on the block and finds out she is a target

      • Nope. Sabrina is giving them the information that they need to go after the people they need to. Kenny and Andrew are getting the people out, she’s just a rat on the other side. Ah, that day will be lovely!! Her attitude and rude comments will definitely catch up to her and hopefully soon.

  2. hopefully soon, they will turn on Sabrina… she is obviously the frontrunner and should be a target for all before they get too close to the end…

  3. I can’t wait until Jon Arlie Adel Neda and Rachelle figure out that Sabrina and Sarah have been working against everyone outside of the final five from the beginning. I don’t believe that someone hasn’t picked up on sabrinas shadiness thus far, clearly wanting to keep the strong players is a complete give away. I commend Sabrinas game play but am getting annoyed at her bragging about how it is all her…

    • Same! Sabrina is extremely shady and I don’t know how no one has noticed yet, it’s crazy! She thinks it’s all her but she’s gonna be in for a rude awakening when the boys use her information against her.

  4. One thing that is really bothering me is how Sabrina is hard core campaigning against Adel because she found out that Canada loves him. When she sees the show she is going to regret all of the mean things she is saying about him because he is such a likeable guy, with a truly good heart. He is like the Male Canadian version of Elissa

    • Elissa wasn’t completely nice. She just didn’t want to embarass herself in front of television, like her sister has done several times on her appearances.

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