Big Brother Canada 2: Adel Comes Clean On Veto Power, Kinda

Adel has been lying about his Big Brother Canada Buzzworthy Veto reward since he won the prize but now he’s ending that deceit and coming clean to his team. Well, mostly.

Adel and Heather on Big Brother Canada 2
Adel and Heather on Big Brother Canada 2 – Source: Slice

Last night Adel revealed to the bulk of the Sloppy Seconds alliance that his special, exaggerated Veto power has decayed after three weeks to only let him replace a Veto player. Of course that’s all it ever was, but he’s saying it’s now become that. So Adel is now giving the truth about the special Veto power even though he’s still lying about lying earlier. Yeah, okay.

Adel “explained” that now he’ll be able to swap out a Veto player for his pick instead of naming renoms as he previously claimed. In his explanation to Heather this morning he said that he has to notify Big Brother in advance that he’ll be using the power instead of waiting to see who gets picked.

While there’s some uncertainty and a chance of wasting the power it does guarantee them a bit of control. Here’s how Adel proposes they can use it:

As long as Kenny or a “Gremlin” (The Forsaken alliance) doesn’t win Head of Household then The Sloppy Seconds can nominate the other two (Rachelle and Sabrina), then before Veto players are picked Adel can use his card and prevent Kenny from being selected. This would allow them to completely block out Kenny from having a chance at winning the Power of Veto.

If the Sloppies play this situation right they’ll have complete control and guarantee Kenny gets backdoored next week on Big Brother Canada.

Of course we’re still yet to see what the fallout is from Adel’s lie (old and new). It’s certain to undermine his team’s trust in him, but to what extent is the question. A bit ago on the Feeds Jon and Neda whispered about Adel’s lying over the power and wondering what is the truth. It was a smart move/lie at the time in that it kept him safe like he intended but he’ll need to work hard to recover from the fallout.

What do you think of Adel’s decision to tell the semi-truth on his power? Do you think his plan to block out Kenny is a smart one or will it backfire? Share your thoughts!


  1. Getting rid of Kenny is only one of Adels obstacles in this game, and the way he’s lying to everyone about this power, he’s eventually going to get burned. Hard. I’d love to see the guy go far but every time he admits the “truth” another teamate realizes he lied before, and eventually he’s not going to have the trust of anyone on either side of the house. In fact, I’d say at this point if he even plays the power, it’d do more damage for his own game then good, as it’d finally out him to everyone.

  2. LOL that is totally going to screw ADEL over and I hope it does he needs to go, hes useless and im over him and watching him lose everything

  3. Whether Adel lied about his power, he is low on the totem pole. The guys have discussed before of getting rid of him first after the big players are gone….I still hope he wins something and goes far.

  4. Just like Sabrinas lies are coming back to haunt her, Adels will too. I don’t think Adel is a very good liar since everyone had their suspicions about his veto in the beginning. He should have remembered….KISS (keep it simple stupid). The trick is to lie convincingly. And since Adel can’t, it will be his downfall.

      • I know they all lie. THEY know they all lie. But they all seem to think they are the exception to the rule and they are the one person no one would lie TO. I think they may SAY it’s no big deal but when push comes to shove his little lie about his secret power might be the deciding factor on his eviction.

  5. Adel is a great guy, however does he possess the skills and game knowledge to win this game. Using the veto to ensure Kenny leaves is one more week for Adel in the house, and he’s positioned himself well in the BB house and now appears Adel is off the radar of the forsaken alliance. He entered the house to promote his product and Adel has accomplished this plus won the hearts of many Canadians, as well as putting a positive spotlight on his heritage. He is a winner no matter what. Go Team Sloppy

  6. Well, if Sarah is gone and Kenny is gone, I’m really not sure who to watch for anymore. The rest of them are all so lame. I kind of love Adel, but not from a game playing perspective. In that regard, he is not very good. The rest? meh. I expect it will become really boring, really fast. I mean, how long can we listen to Arlie and Heather? Ugh.

    • There would still be 8 players in the game Eventually they will scheme/campaign etc against each other. Unless you’re rooting for any of the players still in the house, I can understand you losing interest on watching the rest of the season….I thought this one is better than the first season

  7. I think it’s going to backfire. Adel should have told the truth to his team to get their trust but keep the truth from the other side just to intimidate them.

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