Big Brother Canada Week 7: Nominations Episode 18 Tonight

Big Brother Canada & host Arisa Cox

Big Brother Canada is back tonight and wraps up the cliffhanger Head of Household endurance competition that ended last week’s Thursday night show. Each HG kept telling us how important this one was for the win and they were right!

Tonight’s show will reveal what happened in the HoH competition along with who was put up on the block. If you can’t wait that long then we’ve got all those spoilers here.

We’ve even got the Veto competition results mixed in there too if you want to really get ahead for Wednesday’s Big Brother Canada.

The Feeds were off for pretty much all of Saturday but when they returned in the dark of night we discovered a lot had been going on so you won’t want to miss tonight’s show. Tune in tonight at 9PM ET/PT on Slice to watch it all unfold.

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  1. Agreed, she placed herself in a position where there is always someone to boot out before her.

  2. haha can you count how many votes she has against her for her stupid nomination moves? Stupid stupid girl

  3. Who does Alec think he is threatening Jillian? Wow, this guy’s head is getting bigger by the day and I cannot stand it anymore. Topaz is clearly blinded by love (or whatever). What does she see in him? That’s a mystry that will never be solved. He needs to GO! Emmett and Jillian are so cute 🙂 I hope they’re final 2!!

  4. If the shield goes home, the rest of the season will officially be boring. When everyone gets along and is in the same alliance, it never makes for interesting big brother.

    • Well, they will have to turn against each other as they are getting fewer. Andrew might have the possibility to even go further than Emmet if he is able to make some good moves to further himself into at least top 3.

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