Big Brother Canada Results: Who Was Voted Off BBCAN5 Tonight? 5/11/17

Final Four will be revealed with tonight’s eviction vote on Big Brother Canada 5, sending one more Houseguest off to the Jury ahead of next Thursday’s season finale event.

Big Brother Canada 5 FOTH

Kevin just replaced Dillon on the Block in a bid to send out the biggest competitor, Demetres, but now his move rests in the hands of two voters. Time to see how that works out for him.

I’m expecting Kevin’s plan to fall flat, but with Ika saying she wanted to go to Jury over Demetres this may have happened either way. Ehh, maybe. I’m not sure Dillon would have wanted to keep Demetres around, but it’s possible.

Eviction Vote:

  • Ika: VTE Dillon
  • Karen: VTE Dillon

By a vote of 2-0, Dillon has been evicted.

The next HoH comp will decide one of the F3 seats but the upcoming Veto will decide who gets to cast the round’s eviction vote. Still, a F3 secured spot ain’t too shabby, so let’s see who gets it. If things go to a cliffhanger here then we’ll jump over to the Feeds and get the live results.

Only Ika, Karen, and Demetres will be competing tonight as Kevin is the outgoing HoH.

Head of Household Results – “Solve For X”:

  • Round 1: Ika gets the point
  • Round 2: Demetres gets the point
  • Round 3: …Cliffhanger!

We had to wait for the Feeds to return for our results and here they are…

Spoilers: Find out who won HoH tonight!

Next Thursday is the Big Brother Canada 5 Finale starting an hour early at 7/6c so be sure to get there ahead of the regular time or you’ll have missed half the big event. Who do you want to win BBCAN5? Share your pick below.

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  1. We know one thing for sure (not a spoiler), Kevin need to win the next veto or he’s done.

    • I like it when he’s looking at Kevin’s face..saying (in his mind) “What the f**k are you thinking?! ha!

  2. lol no response from Karen. (to Dillon)She’s the ultimate goat…she’ll make it to F3 ha!

  3. Remember at the start of the season how Dillon was all “I have shoe collections worth more than this prize money” then by the end he was saying “I need this money.” Yeah.

  4. Yup it’s official Karen is the stupidest player in the history of big brother in any country she just handed the time to either Ika or Demetres. Unless Kevin pulls out some big comp wins here in the final. I want to see Kevin win but he should have put Karen up rather than Dillon. I hope you can win POV Kevin

  5. Both Karen and Demetres have been floaters I think this is the first time there have been 2 floaters in final 4. Demetres is a floater as he hasn’t done 1 thing in the entire game that wasn’t for Ika and Karen shes a floater as the only reason she is still here is because there are so many other big targets beside her what has she done all season other than spew hate for Kevin. I say go Kevin I really hope you win final POV.

    • Are you serious? Dem has 5 hoh wins and 2 povs wins. Once kev is booted this week, Dem wins by a landslide.

      • I’ll give you that he has wins but he has been Ikas puppet the whole game. Can’t think for himself that’s why I called him a floater. I say go Kevin you got an uphill battle but I’m still rooting for him.

  6. I sometimes ask myself if they drug the people in this house. How is it at all possible that any of them think that the golden couple will bring them to final two. I’d like to say Karen is the dumbest player in the game but after the last HOH where Kevin could have changed everything me thinks he is the stupid one. What a disgusting season. Ika is quite a b.

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