Big Brother Canada Results: Who Was Voted Off BBCAN5 Last Night? 3/23/17

Ready to find out who was voted off Big Brother Canada last night? The votes were revealed and one more Houseguest was evicted from the BBCAN5 game.

Big Brother Canada 5 FOTH

We’ve got Dallas up against Emily for the votes and after some overnight and early morning debating there was a chance of a surprise flip. Did Dallas pull off the upset? Time to find out.

Things have looked bad for Dallas since Saturday night but there’s a glimmer of hope after Ika went to Demetres this morning and got in his ear. She reminded him it didn’t make sense to keep Emily this week over their ally in Dallas just to target Emily again at their next chance. Soon the wheels were spinning, but nothing is official until Arisa announces the vote.

Twelve votes this week with the chance of a tie-breaker by Demetres. Let’s see what they decide.

Eviction Votes:

  • Karen: VTE Dallas
  • William: VTE Dallas
  • Dre: VTE Dallas
  • Kevin: VTE Dallas
  • Sindy: VTE Dallas
  • Jackie: VTE Dallas
  • Dillon: VTE Dallas
  • That’s enough votes.
  • Neda: VTE Dallas
  • Gary: VTE Dallas
  • Ika: VTE Dallas
  • Cassandra: VTE Dallas
  • Bruno: VTE Dallas

By a vote of 12-0, Dallas has been evicted from BBCAN5.

After the votes are announced it’s time to move on to crowning the next HoH results.

Head of Household Comp – Mostly Young & Reckless:

Memory comp in True/False style featuring questions about the HGs doing a BBCAN5 soap opera.

  • Round 1: Everyone gets it right.
  • Round 2: William is eliminated.
  • Round 3: Sindy is eliminated.
  • Round 4: …cliffhanger

We didn’t get the HoH results during the show, they’ll save that for Monday’s episode (reminder: there are no Sunday shows this season). But hold tight because we’ll grab the spoilers from the Feeds and update them on the site.

HoH Spoilers:

Find out who won HoH this week!

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  1. This is gonna sound stupid but so far I see William winning out of all the newbies. Yeah he hasn’t done much but he doesn’t seem to be a target. Kinda like Andy (as much as I can’t stand the little rat)

  2. So who do y’all think is going home. Last time I checked Ika became an emotional mess once again and Dallas now has a chance after all the terrible stuff he did…

    This is for ppl who hasn’t seen the spoilers ONLY

      • Especially when production “fairly” and “unintentionally” decided to start a public voting to send someone into jury…

      • totally agree. They have spent the first week or so in awe of the vets. Newbies come in as unknowns and don’t know each other. Vets just the opposite. Either have all newbs or all vets.

  3. BTW if none of you already know about this, they will have a one or two questions interview with Dallas, but then after the show they do a 15 minutes interview on Facebook.

  4. TBH I feel that they’re just filling time w/ so much bullcrap just so they don’t have to play out the whole HOH comp tonight…

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