Big Brother Canada: HGs Prepare For Week 6.5 Veto Ceremony

Big Brother Canada - Emmett and Andrew

Later today in the Big Brother Canada house the HGs will gather in the living room and await the Power of Veto Ceremony. We already know who won the Veto, but let’s take a look at what we expect to happen.

The winner of this week’s Veto, Andrew, has made it clear that he will not use the power to swap one of his original nominees. He joked about threatening to make a change as an April Fools joke, but that’s as close as he came.

By the end of the day we’re expect to still see Gary and Topaz on the block. If the next eviction vote was held today then Gary would be on his way out to Arisa’s couch.

Do you think Andrew is making the right choice wit his Veto power?


  1. Andrews play is to target Gary. Payback for sure, but also smart. Gary is a tough competitor and him and Topaz are obviously gunning for him.
    Pretty sure he wants a final four with Emmit, Jullian, and Talla, and will remain loyal to that end. He doesn’t trust Alec/Peter and nor should he. That duo will stab anyone in the back to get to final two.

    • I agree with everything you said, but I don’t want Gary to go. I’d rather see the back of Alec or Peter.

      • Me too. Peter and Alec make me sick with their throwing comps b.s. talk. How convenient, how does one ever prove that someone actually threw a comp or is utterly useless (can’t win anything) and it’s just a nice excuse for them? Peter has done nothing in my opinion, he just exists in the house being a Dan wannabe in the diary room and Alec is a snake/wimp. How about winning comps, kicking some butt and taking names instead of hiding behind others to do their dirty work. Gary deserves to stay over these two losers.

  2. Next weeks hoh is going to be huge! I hope anybody other then Alec or Peter gets it and then put them up together.

  3. Yes Andrew is making the right choice. He needs to get Gary out or Gary will win. Bottom line. Gary has proven he can win the competitions, and he isn’t scared to make moves he needs to. This is the perfect opportunatey to get him out. Topaz winning the last HOH was luck….she stepped up instead of down. It was a guess that is all.

  4. Andrew should take either Gary or Topaz off the block and back door Alec or Peter , Alec should be the one to go

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