Big Brother Canada Casting Begins August 2012

Big Brother Canada

Get ready, Canadians. The Big Brother Canada series is set to premiere in early 2013, but before we can get there the show needs a cast!

You’ll have two options: casting events or online video submission. This follows the pattern of the US version of Big Brother where many past HGs swear by both methods so there really isn’t a wrong way to apply for the show. In fact, you should read BB12’s Matt Hoffman’s guide to being cast on Big Brother no matter which way you apply.

Online applications will soon be accepted at Slice’s official BBCA website.

Update: Big Brother Canada applications are now being accepted!

Open casting calls for Big Brother Canada will be held in the following cities:

Vancouver – September 23, 2012
Calgary – September 30, 2012
Halifax – October 7, 2012
Montreal – October 7, 2012
Toronto – October 14, 2012

Do you think you have what it takes to be cast on Big Brother Canada and walk away with the first season’s prize? Prove it!


  1. of course as usual there’s nothing happening East of Montreal. *rme*….You know I’m really thinking that the rest of Canada believes that the East Coast does not exist. 🙁

    • Okay I am just a stupid American, but last I checked, Halifax listed above right before Montreal, was in Nova Scotia, right on the Atlantic Ocean can’t get more East Coast than that.

  2. Hi, I’ve electronically submitted my casting, haven’t heard nothing but this small town girl has something to get Canada rumbling about, involving our Indian friends, cop friends, lawyer friends and doctor friends, I’m stuck and would love the help of Canada to help me figure this one out and stay outta trouble!!!

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