Big Brother Canada 5 Spoilers: Week 8 HoH Results

We’ve got the latest HoH competition results for Big Brother Canada 5 as the Houseguests were left competing in “Pressed For Power” in the latest endurance battle for Head of Household.

BBCAN Spoilers with host Arisa Cox

Feeds returned soon after the pretaped eviction show ended and it didn’t take long for us to find out who was going to be calling the shots this time around.

What do we seem to get more than anything in Big Brother? Doghouse to penthouse stories and here we go again.

BBCAN5 Spoilers – The New Head of Household is…

Kevin won the HoH comp!

Ika and Demetres are already sweating the coming storm and expect they could likely go up on the Block. That could happen, but Kevin has plenty of choices this week for his nominations. We’ll get the official results on Friday so stick with us!

What do you want to see happen this week on Big Brother Canada? Who would you put on the Block?

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    • That is Arisa’s natural hair. It grows out of her head thay way. Is this BBCan or ANTM? Does Julie change her hair everyday?

      Bye Lisa.

      • Doesn’t take a rocket scientists Nick to tell that’s her real hair….But it needs to be trimmed and styled….I’ve seen her with long hair and she looked so much better.

        • I t doesn’t need to do anything that she doesn’t want to do, just so you can feel comfortable. And just so you know, she trims her hair and when she started it was red. Keep up Lisa, an afro is a style. How very rude of you

          • Ok seriously? Lisa can’t comment or share her opinion of what her idea of fashion is? WTH who made you the fashion guru? Frick!
            You are stating your opinion just by knocking hers down!

          • Randomone
            Don’t be silly, it is not rude at all. Its called freedom of speech and the right to personal opinions. The sooner you accept that, the better off you’ll be.

      • It was merely a suggestion or comment (IMO) from Lisa & she gets slammed for having one……. and like she said duh….. obviously her hair grows out of her head & is natural!
        ……….or is it? It could be a wig. Lol

    • Agreed! Change it up. It can get boring but I love most of her clothing! Some is not so great but hair needs something new & sassy.

  1. I think Kevin is going home on another triple eviction. He won’t be able to play during one of the HoH competitions and I think that’ll be the one that really screws him. I hope not, but that’s my guess!

  2. Kevin, William and Jackie can go in the triple eviction. He didn’t have to play with that boy’s emotions like that

    • It’s a game!
      Nothing should be taken seriously in that house. Do you think Demitri & Ika are going to play house when it’s over?
      The fact you called William a “boy” is insulting as well.
      He’s not a child! He’s a grown-ass adult. Right?
      And …….
      I do think Kevin has feelings for him but perhaps not as strong as Williams for Kevin.
      But I think I hear what you think. I get it, but maybe you’re overthinking that relationship like William?!
      Emotional players never win

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