Big Brother Canada 5 Spoilers: Week 4 Veto Competition Results

Spoilers are in for BBCAN5’s Veto competition this week that’s anything but normal with everything running backwards. There’s still no HoH, but nominations came in last night and now we’ve got the PoV done with as well.

Big Brother Canada Power of Veto

The winner of the Veto can change up the noms, but the house will be voting on the renom if that happens. So who pulled off the win this week? Read on for the spoilers.

The Veto comp arrived a day early which is strange, but it’s going to be a wacky week anyway. Now we’ve got noms and the Veto over with just the HoH comp at the very end. But here we are now with the latest results.

Power of Veto Results: Week 4

Neda won the Veto.

Neda’s allies have already discussed targeting Gary this week and they’ll want him to go. But they don’t know how the eviction will work. Only the HoH in the final comp of the week will get to decide this week’s eviction with just his or her vote.

Don’t expect Neda to use the Veto. She’ll want to keep both of her preferred targets on the Block this week. Are you happy with that move or would you want to see someone else targeted this week on Big Brother Canada?

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  1. So, my guess is the HOH comp will be thrown to whomever the house wants to win. Gary and Dre can’t compete and no one’s going to want to stick their heads out for them. So again, my guess is it will be thrown probably too Neda because she’s safe, she was just HOH and she won’t have a problem getting Gary’s blood on her hands.

  2. Curious, because there’s no HOH right now, does that mean Neda gets to keep her room for another week?
    & if so, there is another reason why I think the house will throw it to her to win HOH.
    PLUS she doesn’t need to play in next weeks HOH ( she still has safety for a few more weeks) & A lot of the houseguests are not going to want to win and only have it for a few hours and personally get a blood on their hands. So many people are going to try and not win it!

  3. Do you think anyone’s going to try and win this HOH? Or do you think they are just going to throw it to someone specific like? Like Neda??

    • I don’t think Neda is eligible because she is outgoing HoH. I don’t they throw to anyone anyway, because they don’t know what we do, which is that the HoH will be sole vote for eviction.

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