Big Brother Canada 5 Spoilers: Week 4 Nomination Results

Well this week is anything but ordinary for Big Brother Canada 5, but even without an HoH to make the decision we’ve still got to have nominations and the spoilers that come with them.

BBCAN5 Nomination Spoilers

As we learned from Arisa Cox, this will be a backwards week and since a week of BB ends with 2 HGs on the Block then we’ll need to go there first. HGs were called one at a time to the Bridge to make their picks for 2 HGs. The two with the most votes are heading up on the Block. Here they are…

Neda lead off naming Dre and Gary and the trend didn’t stop with her. A majority of the rest of the house followed suit and made their choice clear.

Big Brother Canada 5 – Week 4 Nominations

  • Dre
  • Gary

Next up the HGs will face the Veto competition to win safety and that’s really their best shot this week. After that the house will vote on a renom, if there is one. Finally we’ll get an HoH comp, but the noms and the outgoing HoH (Neda) won’t be able to compete. Ouch for the noms, huh? The new HoH will be the sole vote at next Thursday’s eviction. Interesting!

Houseguests also had their Veto players pick for who would join Dre and Gary in the comp. With no HoH there were 4 players drawn. Emily, Kevin, Neda, and William will also be playing in the Power of Veto comp.

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  1. Strange! Another crazy twist from big brother Canada. I can’t say I agree with this twist among some other ones in the past. It’s a game, I get that but the houseguests sometimes have no fighting chance with these type of twists. We have seen quite a few people go home unfairly without being able to fight for their game.
    I guess this one is a little different, they do have a little bit of a fighting chance but not much!
    It’s good to be Neda right now! And her alliance if it can stay strong!
    solid players in that alliance so, I think they will go far.

      • Nothing is weird, this is a Neda show. Why is she picked for veto when she has immunity? Big brother already destine her to win. Such a boring season.

        • Although I don’t completely disagree with you, if she does make it to final two, her being safe for all this time it will not help her in the end.
          But she is a really good player, so she can probably talk her way out of that and she is still playing the game hard. Not just sitting back for the next couple weeks. She’s prepping for when she’s not safe anymore

          • That is true, but I believe everyone should get a fair chance. I know she is a good player and that’s why she did not need the immunity as she can fight for it as she always do

          • Sorry, delayed response! And so much has happened since. But yeah, Neda probably would be in a lot better position/not in The jury house if she was just playing the game like everyone else. Can you imagine if Canada gave it to Ika!!!! She already has a big enough head! It would have exploded LOL

  2. Feels good to be Bruno, Neda and Kevin. They seem to be the main trio of this season. They have a deal with Ika, Demetres and Sindy. As well as another deal with Dillon and Emily.

    I think these three have a lot of potential.

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