Big Brother Canada 3: Votes Shift To Blindside Eviction

Looks like we could be lining up for a blindside tonight on Big Brother Canada 3 when the Houseguests head inside to vote against either Godfrey or Jordan.

Jordan and Willow react to a BBCAN3 surprise
Get ready for another surprise, Jordan – Source: Global

The parts were all there for the making of an exciting week when Zach planned to surprise attack his Chop Shop allies by convincing everyone involved to use the Veto before he fulfilled the rest of the Veto Ceremony with his own plans. Now he’ll wish he had done so.

Overnight Godfrey may have found salvation when Brittnee managed to convince Bobby, this week’s potential swing vote, that Zach really had planned to backdoor Bobby or Bruno by the end of the week. Once Bobby learned all the details he was fully on board to flip the vote.

Right now there are nine outstanding votes which prevents Zach from having any say so if there were need of a tiebreaker. Five votes will be all it takes to evict either Jordan or Godfrey and after last night it looks like Jordan will be chatting with Arisa this evening.

Votes are lining up with Bruno, Bobby, Sarah, Brittnee, and yes, Sindy, who it turns out does have a vote this week despite not being eligible for the Veto competition. Hmm, makes me wonder if the rules changed to get us an exciting show tonight, but that’s the game of Big Brother.

On the other side of the votes we’ve got Willow, Ashleigh, Pilar, and Kevin voting out Godfrey. Right now they don’t know of the shift going on behind the scenes which should make this especially fun to watch. Zach had his chance and he blew it. Badly.

There’s still time to expose the plan and possibly change things back, but the clock is ticking and time is running out for either Jordan or Godfrey on Big Brother Canada 3.


  1. Like Jordan said in the diary room….this may be the stupidest move in BB history…wonder if this was a planned move by Zach or a totally moronic one..that he will admit to?

        • Is there a chance that this was Zach’s intention all along? I don’t really know why he would get rid of JP, at least this early, as they seemed good allies. It certainly looks on the surface to be just dumb game play. But could there be something going on in Zach’s brain that we are not seeing? Am I maybe trying to give him too much of a benefit of the doubt here? I haven’t been watching the feeds so you guys probably know more re: Zach’s brain powers.

          • No, I think it was just a dumb dumb move. It’s all about perception of power and how you flaunt it. Zach had a good opportunity to show the floaters that “they”…their side can get rid of big players. Say for instance if they took out Bruno…the floaters and the players on the fence would come to realize that the side they have to be on is their side…for the moment. If Jordan goes they now have lost the perception of power in the house and that click will now disintegrate. Zach will probably be next with the showmance partners shortly thereafter.
            Might be getting ahead of myself… Jordan might not go tonight and if he doesn’t he won’t be the same with Zach….Don’t know why Jordan didn’t try to lobby the negatives of him being left on the block and what it will do to Zach’s game going forward? He just started throwing darts…knee jerk reaction…not thought out!

  2. 2 steps forward, 9 steps back for Newport. I just can’t even with how Zach and JP would even sabotage their own game by doing what they did: JP volunteering to be a nominee and throwing the POV without even trying while Zach got the case of the Cody Calafiore and chickened out from using the Veto he just won.

    However, these among other happenings in the past week made this game even more interesting than the past two weeks. Hopefully the blindside actually seals the deal as I don’t want another unanimous vote at the moment.

    While I was still expecting Nerd Herd vs Sov Six 2.0, I’m glad to see that this is clearly becoming a little something more with Fembots, the Chop Shop and the already doomed Diaper Alliance all battling for control.

    • As soon as we heard JP volunteer to be the pawn, *bam*, we should have known. What was the point of getting these girls close to them if they weren’t using them. Zach should have used Ashleigh as the pawn if he absolutely had to use an ally as a pawn, but he’s thinking with the wrong body part.

  3. If this goes through it is top 5 worst HOH ever for sure. The next HOH will define this season depending on who wins it as you have 3 strong factions now.

  4. I adore JP but I am hoping this blindside happens! Just to see the look on all of their faces, especially Zach’s!

  5. Zach is honestly one of the worst player in BB history! He had one great alliance that actually had potentiel and he blew it because he’s scared! IT’S BB!! You don’t apply on the show if you’ll be scared to make moves!! He’s going next, Im pretty sure

    • He is not the worst player there are players that were worse than Zach. I think that Zach was just WAYYY to comfortable.

      • I would agree – not the worst. I think he had good intentions (not wanting to get one side too upset with him this early in the game), but if that’s what he wanted, he shouldn’t have told people his plan to backdoor someone – whether he went through with it or not. Screwed himself.

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