Big Brother Canada 3 Spoilers: Week 7 Veto Ceremony Results

The Big Brother Canada spoilers are in for the latest Power of Veto Ceremony delivering our final nominations for the round as Houseguests head to a surprise early eviction.

Big Brother Canada Power of Veto
Big Brother Canada Power of Veto – Source: Global

The Power of Veto holder did a great job this week keeping everyone, including Feedsters at times, guessing as to what might happen at the Ceremony. We watched as the different sides were told exactly what they wanted to hear which of course would leave several Houseguests surprised and confused when the decision was handed down.

Kevin pulled off a double victory this week as the Head of Household winner and Veto winner leaving him with complete control in today’s PoV meeting.

Bobby and Brittnee were up on the block and Bobby expected to come down and Godfrey to go up because Kevin said he would. But Kevin also told Godfrey he wasn’t not going up as a renom as much of the house expected. So what did happen? Nothing.

Kevin left the noms as they were and now either Bobby or Brittnee will be evicted in round one of this week’s multiple eviction events.

Things look bad for Bobby and he’s likely to be evicted, but expect Bruno to work hard on keeping his ally in the game and sending Brittnee off to join the Jury.


  1. Best course of action for the Diaper Alliance is to keep itself together and stick to the plan of getting Bobby out. Sarah, Godfrey and Willow will be able to ride this out smoothly except for the double whammy happening on Round 2.

  2. Good. Bobby is super annoying and isn’t very good at the game anyway. His stupid tongue movements in DRs are disturbing to me. Also-don’t the houseguests know if you have a “secret veto” it needs to be kept SECRET?? Bye Bobby!

    I can’t wait for triple eviction!

    • We’re slim on details, but “triple eviction” seems to be an exaggeration. According to Global’s site there will be an eviction followed at some point by a double eviction. Maybe both events will happen on Wed. Not sure about that yet.

  3. Don’t know if Bruno can or will do much for Bobby to keep him in. Going to be interesting. If Diaper Alliance continues to win…you can be assured of the final four. Sarah the cry baby…girl…BB isn’t just about the social game if you want to go far you got to win the comps…once in a while.

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