Big Brother Canada 2 Spoilers: Week 4 Veto Ceremony Results

Power of Veto on Big Brother Canada

Spoilers are in for Big Brother Canada’s Veto Ceremony now the the Feeds are back from the meeting. The HGs gathered today in the living room to hear what the winner of this week’s Veto had decided to do with Rachel’s original nominations. Read on to find out what happened and who will be the final nominees this week on BBCAN2.

Just as we expected, Allison obviously used the Veto to remove herself from the block. From there Rachelle followed the plan and renom’d Ika. Yeah, that makes a lot of sense, right? Well it does if Ika is your new target.

Come Thursday night it seems like Heather could again avoid eviction and be in the game at least another week when Ika gets voted out. What a crazy week this will be if that all happens.

What do you think of Rachelle’s Veto renom? What would you have done with all that power this week?


  1. Personally, even though I know they consider Andrew and Kenny big threats in the game, the numbers are on their side. If she put up either of the powerhouse players the others would come after her, so she had to shift to their side and basically go with them. In hopes to move up the ladder with them, rather than the bottom of the totem pole. At least this may buy her at least a few more weeks of freedom, so to speak, because they will target neda next I think, then heather and so on, depending on who wins the competitions.

  2. Ika is all talk..she fucked everything up by putting up paul and heather…two votes that she could have had to vote out andrew prick ass…blmae ika

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