Big Brother Canada Spoilers: Eviction Prediction – Week 7

Arlie on Big Brother Canada
Arlie on Big Brother Canada – Source: Slice

It has been a wild Big Brother Canada week in that house and tonight it all comes to a point when five HGs go inside the Diary Room and cast their votes for the next eviction. Will Adel or Arlie become the first Jury member of the season?

After Monday’s Veto meeting the stage seemed set for a very surprising turn of events that could shift the power in the house and pull the rug out from under Jon’s feet. Both Arlie and Adel on the block with two solid votes on each side. The Gremlins (Sabrina & Rachelle) were aiming to keep Arlie while Sloppies wanted Adel to stay. That gave Allison the power to pick which side would win the week.

It seems like an obvious choice to send Adel to the Big Brother Jury, weaken The Sloppies, and keep Arlie in the house as a strong and grateful ally. Perhaps it was too obvious because it doesn’t look like that’ll happen now. Instead Allison and the Gremlins have decided to send Arlie home as planned and keep Adel.

Yes, I think Arlie is a stronger competitor, but that’s why you’d keep him to help take out the bigger targets. Apparently Allison thinks she can safely ride with Jon, Neda, and Heather to a final four deal, but I wouldn’t trust them for a minute. They’ve repeatedly said Allison was just a vote to them before, but now we’re supposed to think they’re solid? I don’t buy it.

Either way it’ll be Arlie leaving tonight and Adel staying. Something major will have to happen at this point to shift that plan and at this point it’s fairly unlikely.

If you were in the house and voting tonight, which Big Brother Canada HG would you send to Jury?


  1. I think Arlie is the better choice to take out or else he’ll coast his way to the win (and perhaps exact revenge against Jon by playing hard to be the next HOH the following week).

    Either way, this is going to be one interesting eviction night. 🙂

    • I don’t think so, I think the only better reason to keep adel is to make him be with her and gremlins which I don’t see will happen. Allison really needs number to survive next week.

      • Adel has already voiced that Jon needs to go. Either way, whichever stays, they will be gunning for his eviction. Yep, Allisons only hope is to win HOH this week. And i’m hoping it happens. I just hope she puts Jon and Sabrina on the block. Break up the pairs (or at least one of them). Divide and conquer.

        • Apparently he was lying about going after Jon so he could gain some votes from the gremlins. He told Jon on live feeds what he was saying about him as well.

          • Good to know. I must have missed that part. I still think Jon is in trouble either way. Maybe not from Adel but who in their right mind would leave him in the game – besides Neda? He’s a physical threat. And would likely win if in F2.

      • When will you have another chance to take out Arlie? Unless it was an endurance competition, Arlie has a good chance of winning it. With Jon not being able to play this upcoming comp, anyone can get the win, and change what’s coming up.

    • adel is the coaster. hes done nuthin in this game. if they take out Arlie they will never get neda and jon out. Neda and jon will be final 2

      • Arlie is just as dangerous as Neda and Jon so I say get one out then find a way to get the other dangerous dual alliance.

        Adel has done nothing basically because he found himself in a good position after Andrew’s HOH week so his place in the house was not in danger for several weeks.

  2. So basically at the end of the day, Jon’s plan of sending home Arlie is going to go through. What a waste of a secret POV by Allison, I thought Allison wanted to flip the house and show Jon that she has ‘power?’

    • Allison’s best move would be to align with sab, rach and arly. Four against three. If Arly goes, she has no real alliance. And her i was thinking she was a smart player….. guess we’ll see tonite.

      • I agree! Allison saving Arlie would have guaranteed him being a true ally, as he wouldn’t go back to Jon. They’d have a better chance of winning HOH and taking control of the house! Yet, that’s not happening 🙁

    • By using her secret veto (which is pretty much limited in scope, only usable once within 3 nomination ceremonies), she gained Sabrina’s trust back. She’ll just have to work her way into changing the dynamics of the house yet again, like, for example, winning HOH.

      • But if you think about it, it would have been better for her to NOT use the secret POV at all, than to use it and then vote out Arlie. Literally all she did by doing this was change the ‘pawn’ of the nomination, that’s it. She gained absolutely nothing else by doing this except ensuring that she’s on the bad side of Jon and Neda for attempting to ruin Jon’s nominations. Now, Neda is in power and already willing to evict Allison for what she did, and if Allison didn’t do any of this, I’m sure the target on her back right now would not be as big. Also, gaining trust back from Sabrina by using the POV is useless to begin with. Sabrina is desperate, if anyone tells her that they’re willing to work with her, she’ll believe it with a blink of an eye. And even if she does have Sabrina’s trust right now, it currently does her no good, because Sabrina has no power and is useless, so there’s that. At the end of the day, I think we can agree that Allison has no power once again, she made the target on her own back even bigger, she merely changed the pawn of the nomination, and her use of the secret POV was essentially a waste.

  3. If tonight’s evicted HG is the first jury member than that would mean a 6 member jury, but what would happen if there’s a tie?

  4. Trying this for the third time. My posts keep disappearing. The problem I see for Allison is that if she votes to Arlie out, she will undo the trust she built with Sabrina by using the veto on her. What will have been the point of using the veto at all in that case. I do agree that Arlie is the only option, but will Allison do it? Won’t that make her look like a major flip flopper if she takes Sabrina off the block one minute and then votes against her new alliance the next?

    • Yesterday, Sabrina and Rachelle both decided that evicting Arlie is the best option (it’s not really their best option but it’s Sabrina and Rachelle…). I’m so tired of the unanimous evictions, the house has never really been split.

  5. Sucks to see Allison use her power to save Sabrina and then go back to the Sloppy Seconds when she was and is clearly at the bottom as she’s merely a vote on their side when they need her. Neda continuously says how much she hates her… Saving Arlie would have been a smarter move for her. If she doesn’t win HOH, she’s next.

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