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Big Brother Canada 3 Spoilers: Evictees Competition Revealed To Houseguests [PICS]

| April 17, 2015 at 2:55 PM EDT

We knew it was coming, but the Big Brother Canada Houseguests sure didn’t! While the HGs were sitting around in the living room suddenly the screen flashed to life and the curtain was pulled back.

Ashleigh is shocked by the returning BBCAN3 HG

Ashleigh is shocked by the returning BBCAN3 HG – Source: Global

Yes, there were the previously evicted Houseguests swinging away on the competition designed to send one of them back in to the house. All the HGs screamed and excitedly ran over to watch what they could. Soon the Feeds cut off but when they returned the HGs were plotting their next move.

Many were nervous, especially Brittnee who had just orchestrated Graig’s elimination, but Sarah was excited at the chance for Naeha to come back and help them overtake the guys.

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Soon the Feeds will be down again and we’ll wait to find out what happens and who won the comp to get back in the game. We’ll also learn who won the Power of Veto competition which will decide a lot in Zach’s plan to surprise attack Bruno and Bobby.

All remaining Houseguests have agreed to make this a revolving door week, but heck we already know who the HoH’s target is so that’s not going to happen, right?

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Big Brother Canada 3 Feeds Set To Go Dark For Returning HG

| April 17, 2015 at 10:00 AM EDT

Heads up that the Big Brother Canada 3 Live Feeds will go dark for most of Friday as the House prepares for a big series of competitions.

Big Brother Canada 3 House preview

Big Brother Canada 3 House – Source: Global

With the evicted Houseguests preparing for a chance to get back in the house production has been actively building in the backyard, but that won’t be the only comp today. BBCAN has warned viewers things will be down for two comps which must mean the second is the Veto comp.

These are both going to be seriously important as the Head of Household is hanging his big plans on the Veto falling in to cooperating hands. Of course that means if we want to see things go upside down then we better hope for someone willing to sit on the power to win it.

Feeds are still up at the moment but once they’re out this should last most of the day. BBCAN has promised we’ll get them back tomorrow and be set for the rest of the weekend ahead of Sunday’s episode.

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Big Brother Canada 3: Week 4 Power Rankings

| April 17, 2015 at 9:00 AM EDT

We said goodbye to Johnny this week on Big Brother Canada 3 and some others have made some shifts on the Week 4 Power Rankings. So let’s take a look.

(As always, these rankings are based on last week and not what has happened on the Live Feeds since the last eviction). 


Big Brother Canada 3 Week 4 Power Rankings 

1. Zach. Even though the house is sort of onto Zach and Jordan, Zach is still in a great position at the moment and is working with the right people. He could find himself a target soon though if he doesn’t make a big move.

2. Jordan. Jordan has been known for using his brain in the game, so I’m keeping him at No. 2 for now. But that’s going to probably change next week after something that is currently developing on the Live Feeds.

3. Bruno. So after laying low and low-key running things, Bruno came out and own the Head of Household competition and the Power of Veto. So that makes him pretty powerful for week 4, but I think he made a big mistake showing his cards this early and may have messed up his game. So expect him to make a big drop next week if he’s even still in the game then.

4. Willow. I’ve been struggling with where to put most of the girls in these rankings because none of them are making any kinds of moves, but they’ve positioned themselves pretty well. I think as of now, Willow is probably in the best spot.

5. Ashleigh. Much like Willow, Ashleigh is keeping herself good with all the right people and not making herself a threat.

6. Britnee. With a HOH under her belt and a good social game, I’m placing Britnee at No. 6 because I think she could pull out another couple wins and keep herself afloat in the game a bit longer.

7. Kevin. I’m keeping Kevin up in the middle for now because there are bigger targets in the house now. And plus he’s not bad at competitions, so he’s got a little power going on there.

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Big Brother Canada 3 Spoilers: Week 5 Nomination Results

| April 17, 2015 at 7:30 AM EDT

The latest spoilers for Big Brother Canada are in and we’ve got the details on who was nominated by the new Head of Household.

Big Brother Canada 3 nominations

Big Brother Canada 3 nominations – Source: Global

When the HoH results were known the rest of the pieces were obvious. Well, at least to us Feedsters, but apparently not to this week’s targets.

Find out who officially went up on the block for the latest round of nominations.

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Big Brother Canada 3 – Nomination Anticipation In Week 5

| April 16, 2015 at 9:30 AM EDT

There is a new Head of Household on Big Brother Canada 3 after last night’s elimination and that means nominations are heading our way. Talks on the Feeds have revealed an interesting shift for noms with the real target staying hidden for now.

Willow, Ashleigh, & Zach make plans on BBCAN3

Willow, Ashleigh, & Zach make plans on BBCAN3 – Source: Global

We had already heard who the other side of the house was planning to target if they had control. Now that’s worked out we’re just waiting to see what approach they take to make it happen.

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