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Big Brother Canada 3: Veto Plans For Week 6

| April 25, 2015 at 2:45 PM EDT

The Power of Veto competition was held Friday night and took a mere 6+ hours to complete. So now that that’s over, what have we got in the works? Houseguests have been plotting on the Feeds as the Ceremony approaches.

Pilar isn't looking forward to this

Pilar isn’t looking forward to this – Source: Global

The PoV Ceremony will be held on Monday and the new Head of Household has a plan to keep things on track for the next Big Brother Canada 3 eviction. Here’s what’s being worked.

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Big Brother Canada 3 Spoilers: Week 6 Veto Competition Results

| April 24, 2015 at 11:56 PM EDT

This week’s Power of Veto competition is over for Big Brother Canada 3 and after last weeks’ craziness I’m not really sure what to expect anymore.

Big Brother Canada Power of Veto

Big Brother Canada Power of Veto – Source: Slice

There was plenty of debate over the nominations for this week but once those were settled it came down to the same thing is usually does: who holds the Power of Veto. Will this week’s Head of Household get to keep the target on the block? Find out.

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Big Brother Canada 3 Week 5 Power Rankings

| April 24, 2015 at 9:00 AM EDT

A power player was blindsided, a player returned to the game and alliances are shifting on Big Brother Canada 3. So needless to say, our power rankings are going to start looking a little differently, starting this week.


Not only are powers shifting, but the rankings are going to be more based on who is play a better game and not who is a target. Ranking people based on how big their targets are get very restricting. So we’re tossing that out the door. Also, keep in mind that the rankings are based on what we’ve seen on the episodes, not the Live Feeds. So yes, there’s a new HOH, but that’s not going to be reflected here. Check our spoilers for that information if you aren’t up-to-date.

Big Brother Canada 3 Power Rankings

1. Bruno. I think the current consensus is that Bruno is playing the best game. He was laying low, then emerged from the shadows and won HOH. It was looking like that power trip could be his downfall, but that hasn’t been the case. He was instrumental in getting power player Jordan out of the game last week.

2. Zach. While Zach messed up last week by following Jordan’s plan to put him up and then backdoor Bobby or Bruno, it was still mostly Jordan who takes the credit for that bonehead move. Zach no longer has Jordan, but he’s also not as in danger as he should be. So with his overall gameplay and his HOH and veto wins last week, he falls from No. 1, but I’m still keeping him high in the rankings for now.

3. Sindy. I can’t believe I’m listing her at No. 3, but hear me out. She won the competition to return the game. So that’s huge. AND she came back ready to play. She also played a part in Jordan’s eviction. So if she can stay off the block this week, then she might stay high on the list. But will that happen? We’ll see.

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Big Brother Canada 3 Spoilers: Week 6 Nomination Results

| April 24, 2015 at 6:30 AM EDT

The latest spoilers for Big Brother Canada are in and we’ve got the details on who was nominated by the new Head of Household.

Big Brother Canada 3 nominations

Big Brother Canada 3 nominations – Source: Global

There was a lot of back and forth today as the new HoH was nearly in tears by the end of it from all the stress and pressure being applied for every direction and alliance in the house. After last night’s blindside it’s hard for much of the house to know who they can really trust anymore. Just the way we like it out here!

Find out who officially went up on the block for the latest round of nominations.

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Big Brother Canada 3 Goes Triple Noms & Double Evictions

| April 23, 2015 at 2:30 PM EDT

Hang on to your butts because Big Brother Canada is about to go wild this week when Triple Noms and Double Evictions hit the BBCAN3 house. Oh yeah, it’s going to be awesome.

Big Brother Canada 3 will go crazy this week

Big Brother Canada 3 will go crazy this week – Source: Global

Revealed online through the Global website it’s been discovered that there will be three nominations made by this week’s the next new Head of Household, spoilers on that comp here, and if that wasn’t enough there will be a pair of evictions by the end of the week.

Update: Important clarification – The above image references Week 6.5 while we’re currently in Week 6.0 which likely means the current HoH will have an abbreviated run before we hit a new HoH and get the 3 nominees. Yes, BIG difference, but only in who is in control when this goes down.

I wasn’t sure how we could top Jordan Parhar’s blindside eviction last night, but we’re well on our way to some good times ahead. The new HoH may not find out about this triple fun until arriving in the Vault which would mean there’s no chance to plot and plan with allies. Excellent.

We’ve been following who could go up on the block, but those talks have all been about two, not three noms. Who do you think will get caught up in this craziness as the third nominee?

Update 2: Global seems to have pulled the second half of the week’s prediction options, so we’ll have to see if things have changed or they’re trying to close the barn door a little late.


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