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Big Brother Canada 3 Auditions & Casting Now Open

| September 23, 2014 at 9:00 AM EST

Big Brother Canada 3 auditions have been announced and casting is underway for the third season of a fantastic Big Brother franchise. Will you be the next BBCAN Houseguest to continue that tradition?

Big Brother Canada on Slice

Big Brother Canada on Slice

Big Brother Canada may be shifting to a new channel with a bigger audience on GlobalTV from Slice, but that won’t stop the regular offseason routine as Kassting is back and looking to find the right mix of players from around the country.

There are two ways to apply for BBCAN3: online applications and open-call casting events.

If you want to apply online then visit the official casting site and fill out the application form and submit a video through their website.

Open call events are available starting in mid October and run through November but there are just six events so you want to check the full list now to be ready. Check here for specific location updates.

Big Brother Canada 3 auditions:

  • Vancouver, British Columbia – Sunday, October 19
  • Calgary, Alberta – Sunday, October 19
  • Regina, Saskatchewan – Friday, October 24
  • Halifax, Nova Scotia – Friday, October 24
  • St. John’s, Newfoundland – Wednesday, October 29
  • Montréal, Québec – Thursday, October 30
  • Toronto, Ontario – Sunday, November 23

Be sure to review the eligibility requirements to apply and read up on your options for how to be cast. Best of luck to everyone who applies!

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Big Brother Canada Renewed For Season 3 In 2015

| June 4, 2014 at 10:30 PM EST

Congratulations to Big Brother Canada! The announcement came today that BBCAN3 will be happening but expect a huge change to go with Season 3.

Arisa Cox hosts Big Brother Canada 2014

Arisa Cox hosts Big Brother Canada – Source: Slice

Next year when Big Brother returns you’ll be watching the series on GlobalTV instead of Slice. I figure that has to be a sign of how much confidence the powers that be at Shaw have in their series and want to give it an even bigger stage to shine on.

I don’t know what this will mean for the Live Feeds and whether or not they’ll remain free as we’ve seen in the past few seasons, but I wouldn’t be surprised if as much stayed the same as possible. No word on SideShow either. Of course the episodes will have a new home, but let’s hope they keep its core intact since that has all worked incredible well so far.

Are you excited about the news of a Big Brother Canada 3 season? I can’t wait to see what they have for us next year, but at least in the meantime we’ve got Big Brother 16 to keep us busy!


Thanks For An Awesome Big Brother Canada 2 Season!

| May 9, 2014 at 2:00 PM EST
Big Brother Canada on Slice

Big Brother Canada on Slice

Thanks to all of you for joining me throughout the Big Brother Canada 2 season. This site would be nothing without the readers and though I’d still watch and write about this show in an empty room it’s so much better to share it with other fans and friends.

Big Brother Canada might be over but Big Brother 16 is getting ready to start up in just a few more weeks. Crazy to think we’ll be doing this all over again that soon but you know I’d never miss it and I hope you’ll join us over on the BBUS site,!

Once again this season of BBCAN raised the bar for Big Brother both in terms of its quality of cast and its entertainment factor. We saw a constant flow of events, tasks, and games for the HGs that kept things from slowing or stagnating through the weeks. It’s such a great way to enjoy the show and Feeds that keeps everyone inside and out entertained. Let’s hope CBS and BB16′s production team took notes and works to up their game too!

I’ll keep an eye out for off-season news and updates for Big Brother Canada’s hopeful return next season (unless I missed that news already!).

Thank you again, faithful Big Brother fans and readers!


Big Brother Canada 2: Watch Finale & Side Show

| May 9, 2014 at 8:30 AM EST
Big Brother Canada 2 Season Finale

Big Brother Canada 2 Season Finale – Source: Slice

Big Brother Canada 2 is over and we have a new winner! The 2014 season final three faced off during last night’s show in a three-round HoH competition and gave us some shocking results making for a fantastic season finale.

Definitely take time to watch the show because there was a lot of fun events and banter between the HGs. The Jury was happy, well mostly, and the Final Two gave a great show. Of course if you don’t have that much time then read our Big Brother Canada finale recap to find out what all happened!

You can watch Big Brother Canada 2 finale, episode 29, right now on, but if you’re outside Canada you’ll first need to visit using a Chrome or Firefox browser. Install the free add-on then go over to and let Hola unblock the site by picking the little Canadian flag.

Here’s the direct link to watch Big Brother Canada 2 episode 29 online at Slice.

And if you’ve got the time, then be sure to watch the SideShow finale pre-show event as well. The pre-Jury evicted HGs were back and spoke with Arisa, Gary, and Peter about their experience and expectations.

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Who Won Big Brother Canada? Season 2 Finale Results

| May 8, 2014 at 7:45 PM EST

Tonight we find out who won Big Brother Canada as the season 2 finale reveals the big news on Slice. Of course if this is like last year the show is once again not live, but we’re avoiding any spoilers so we can enjoy the fun as it airs!

Arisa Cox hosts Big Brother Canada 2014

Arisa Cox hosts Big Brother Canada 2014 – Source: Slice

Last night’s lead in show left off with the Final 3 being officially revealed as they prepared for the three part final Head of Household competition. Tonight we’ll find out who won each part of that grand comp along with who is the final evictee and the Big Brother Canada 2 Final Two!

Let’s get to it as we cover tonight’s finale show live. Keep refreshing this post for the latest results and be sure to join us on Facebook and Twitter for more post-season Big Brother Canada updates!

Big Brother Canada – Final HoH – Round 1:

It’s an endurance comp! “Big Brother Bailout.” The HGs must bail water out of their individual boat faster than the boat fills up. If it fills up past a line in their boat then they’re eliminated.

After an hour all three are still in the comp. This would have been awesome to watch on the Feeds. Sigh. Lots of complaining from Neda. Is she about to be out? Yep. Neda is out and it’s down to Jon and Sabrina after 72 minutes.

Jon is throwing his water from his boat in to Sabrina’s. Hilarious. Sabrina starts yelling at him to stop but he acts like he doesn’t know he was doing it.

1h53m in and both are going strong. This is impressive. Sabrina is doing way better than I expected. Kudos to her. 2h12m and they’re still going. Wait, we know what Jon does in that house all day, right? This comp was made for him! Yep, Sabrina is out! Jon wins Round 1 (just like I predicted).

  • Jon wins Round 1!

After the comp Jon tells Sabrina that a loss in Round 2 might not be the end for her with him. Hmm, is Jon really considering this or is he just playing it up in case she wins Rounds 2 & 3?

We get more scenes and Jon tells us he is just “covering his bases.” Hmm. Seems like Sabrina is seeing through his attempt.

Things jump over to the Jury House where Dan Gheesling arrives to moderate their “who should win?” debate. Several want to see their executioner show up at the Jury. Several say they don’t want Neda to win, but will they get over it when it comes time to vote?

Big Brother Canada – Final HoH – Round 2:

Sabrina and Neda are ready to face off in “Walk The Plank.” They have to work their way across a series of Trivia blocks to get to the other side & hit the buzzer. HG who finishes the fastest wins the round.

Neda goes first. This looks tough and it starts to give Neda a lot of trouble in the second round, but really picks it up in the last two.

Sabrina is up and she is tearing through them. Now she gets to the fourth round and starts to fall apart. Uh oh, Sabrina. She seems to be taking forever with lots and lots of attempts. It’s all edited, but this seems like she couldn’t possibly win this round with so many wrong attempts.

Jon will reveal the results. Sabrina has 49 mins and Neda took about 26 mins. Ouch. Wait, didn’t I call this? Yep.

  • Neda wins Round 2

Jon congratulates Neda, but he’s still worried that she’s going to betray him and take Sabrina. I think she just might do that very thing.

Big Brother Canada – Final HoH – Round 3:

Jon & Neda must answer questions about the members of the Jury in “A or B” style.

  • Round 1: Both are right (Neda last minute changed to right answer)
  • Round 2: Both are right
  • Round 3: Both are right
  • Round 4: Both are right
  • Wow!
  • Round 5: Both are right
  • Round 6: Jon gets it right!
  • Round 7: Jon gets it right & wins!

Jon beats Neda 2-0 and is the Final HoH of BBCAN2. He’ll now need to evict either Neda or Sabrina.

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