Tonight on Big Brother Canada 3: HoH & Nominations – Week 8

Tonight on Big Brother Canada, the Houseguests are back with the fallout from the triple eviction event plus the next Head of Household competition and the Nominations ceremony ahead of another bumpy week.

Arisa Cox at the Big Brother Canada house
Arisa Cox at the Big Brother Canada house – Source: Global

Last week we said goodbye to Bobby, Kevin, and Willow after a surprise move by Bruno saved Zach and shored up support with the newly reaffirmed ally. Now the house is silently preparing for the special Have-Not twist power which may have recently been exposed to just a small set of Houseguests.

The nominations will reveal the first two HGs on the block but with the looming power to change out any and all noms this is all pointless aside from who wins HoH and Veto this week since everyone else is up for eviction come Wednesday night.

There are plenty more Big Brother Canada spoilers beyond who won HoH with the nomination results if you can’t wait for tonight’s episode. Want to know now? Check our BBCAN3 spoilers board here and get all the latest spoilers and results from inside the house.

Join us back here tonight at 7/6c for our live blog and chat throughout the show.


      • Between 8 and 9, they have Simpson and Family guy, which rerun anyway. Why don’t they these show at 7 and BB at 8. SO that way if golf go long then you cancel Simpson and even Family guy if needed so that BB can play at the advertise time. And it would lot better at 8. At 7 it’s dinner time anyway.

          • I’m assuming you live in Canada because the BBCan Twitter account says that parts of the country won’t be able to see the show until later because of golf preemptions.

          • Well Newfoundland is in Canada. Doesn’t matter where I am, I have satellite. And I have both the American DirecTV and the Canadian Bell TV.

  1. “I need to see my kids!”

    Bruno, you already saw pictures of your kids during your HOH week and you also got a video from home if I’m not mistaken. Let others have their chance to see their loved ones’ letters.

  2. By the way guys, in case you missed it: The US is going to have another version of Big Brother, Gran Hermano US, on Telemundo.

    I think it’s a certainty that they’ll adopt the US format of the show. 🙂

  3. Does Britt have to use one of her safe powers to take herself of the block? Might sound dumb but who knows with this twist craziness? If so then she can only put one up with Godfrey right?

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