Tonight On Big Brother Canada 4: HoH & Nominations In Week 10

Tonight on Big Brother Canada 4 the latest Head of Household competition held after last week’s Double Eviction will be aired and we’ll finally see how it all went down.

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Big Brother Canada 4 – Source: Global

Coming out of the DE with Jared’s elimination the brothers were relying on Kelsey to keep them safe against Joel, Tim, and Cassandra. Time to watch the HoH comp and its follow on nominations.

Only a week and a half remain in the season as we’ve just got Cassandra, Joel, Kelsey, Phil/Nick, and Tim left in the running to walk away with ten hundred boxes of Oxi Clean HD detergent and a free ottoman from The Brick! Or something like that.

With a house so clearly divided this week’s competitions would be critical to decide the team that makes it to the end of what’s been a very fun season. It’s almost all over!

Join us back here tonight at 7PM ET for a live chat about the show and we’ll enjoy it together. Find us on Facebook, Twitter, and by Email Updates for even more Big Brother Canada coverage.


    • Hey man. A bit behind. Will catch up soon.

      BTW did you watch the Side Show from last friday ?

      • You can skip ahead at least 10 minutes. It’s all a rehash of Thurs show.

        Nah, I trailed off on SS. Neither of the HG hosts do much for me so it’s tough to watch this season. Was it a good show?

        • It’s just that Sarah mention something that nobody had thought of. In the second eviction, there was 3 votes, and if the brother had been allowed to put themselves on the block, there would be 4 votes. In case of tie, the brother , who are the HoH, would have had to break the tie. Uncharted territory.

          • That’d have been pretty interesting to see happen. I didn’t think the HoH could nom themselves though so I didn’t expect them to be allowed to do it. Would have been hard to not let them do it though!

          • BB (in this case Arisa) never said anything about them not been allowed. They left it hang.

        • BTW you have to watch the side show. You have to know everything that is said about the show. LOL

  1. I hope somebody lie to the brothers again. I wanna see those kids throw tantrums and maybe renom themselves again. lol

  2. Was Kelsey always that game aware or did Loveita teach her to become the player she is now ?Good question. I think Loveita showed her how to think about this game.

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